xQc has reportedly been cleared of allegations of sexual assault in a lawsuit against Adept


published: 2023-08-31T04:59:03

Updated: 2023-08-31T04:59:15

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has reportedly been cleared of sexual assault allegations from ex-partner Samantha ‘Adept’ Lopez, as legal documents appear to reveal that a criminal investigation into the matter was closed without a conviction.

the The xQc saga and the general split of Adept continuous. Having previously been “unofficially married” in 2020, the couple filed for divorce on November 14, 2022, according to earlier reports. Months later, Adept appears to have filed a protective order on June 9, 2023.

This order of protection was made in light of “alleged conduct constituting domestic violence” where the Defendant (xQc) had supposedly “harmed or threatened to harm” the Applicant (Skilled). As a result, the two of them had to Maintain a distance of 350 feet at all timesThe former was banned from discussing any matters related to their relationship in a public place, thus including Twitch streams.

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Two months after this order was filed, the former investigator turned Twitch streamer Henry Resilient – Who has the Previously leaked divorce files He submitted a general information request on August 10, 2023, hoping to uncover the truth about the accusations. Now, having received them, but not all of the information, the broadcaster revealed the court’s conclusion.

As the legal documents show, the criminal investigation into this matter was closed, and the final result was not a “conviction or suspended sentence”, thus acquitting xQc of the claims.

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Henry Resilient showed his legally obtained documents on live broadcast on August 31st, and shared with viewers the information that came from his public request weeks earlier. However, much of what was requested has been revised, not only because it contains “identifying information”, but also because it relates to other ongoing procedures.

One section in particular, Exhibit C, claims it relates to sexual abuse allegations made against xQc. While details regarding document (c) were not provided, the accompanying statement appears to clarify the outcome of the relevant criminal investigation.

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“The information in Exhibit (C) is exempt from disclosure because it is internal law enforcement agency information and records relating to a closed criminal investigation that ended with an outcome other than conviction or deferred sentence.”

Since the investigation has now been closed, xQc has not been convicted, and the verdict has not been postponed, we can therefore conclude his innocence in this regard.

xQc and adeptInstagram: Adeptthebest

Adept and xQc filed for divorce 10 months ago.

Whereas xQc has Confess past instances of infidelityThe creator has adamantly denied any and all accusations of physical or sexual abuse in past relationships, including his years with Adept.

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“I will not stand for that,” xQc said during a broadcast on August 12, 2023. “In all my relationships, be it with friends, with girls, I have never had one incident, physical abuse, one single time. It never happened.”


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