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The Importance of a Properly Drafted Will – Wills / Intestates / Estate Planning


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The importance of a properly drafted will


As recently reported in the press, the will of the late singer, Aretha Franklin, has raised some issues regarding how her estate will eventually be distributed among the beneficiaries of her choosing.

The famous singer passed away in 2018, but only recently has a US court ruled on whether a handwritten will document she made in 2014 should replace an earlier will that was discovered around the same time. The court held that the newer document did indeed override the terms of the earlier will. In England the law is of course different from the law in the USA, but similar problems can arise.

This type of dispute, where the beneficiaries of a previous will have been changed, can cause divisions in families, and can result in very expensive legal costs for all parties involved, not to mention the distress experienced by family members involved in the dispute.

Our Wills, Wills and Wills team can help you try to overcome these issues by guiding you through the process of making a will and supporting you. Sometimes thinking about who should benefit under your will is not always a straightforward decision. We can do the following on your behalf:-

  • Your will will be prepared by a qualified solicitor taking into account your assets, your family situation and all relevant issues. We will advise you on how to build your will to be as effective as possible at your death.

  • If you need any amendments to your will in the future, and if you don’t want to draw up an entirely new will, a document called a Codicil can be drafted to make amendments to your previous will. We will make sure that your supplement is worded in such a way as to properly incorporate the modifications you wish to make, resulting in the execution of your wishes.

  • Your Will and/or Codicil will be registered with Surety (National Wills Registry) as part of the fee we charge to ensure all of your Will documents are properly registered.

  • We store your will documents at no charge, ensuring that they are not lost or discarded in the future.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject. It is advised to take the advice of specialists in such circumstances.

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