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Arrests and summonses for Monday, May 1


GILLETTE, Wyoming – Arrests are being made as mandated by the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office. Some names have been withheld at the request of law enforcement. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges are subject to change after official filing by the Campbell County Prosecutor’s Office.

This list has been supplemented with information on summons from the courts. Arrests will be reported after compiling information from law enforcement briefings about the events of the previous day or days. Calls, made each business day at 1:30 p.m., will be included in the previous business day.


  • Maria C. Alonzo Jensen, Gillette, Interfering with a police officer, a minor in a bar
  • Harold C. Bachtold, Gillette, Disturbing the Peace: Physical/Verbal Intoxication, General Intoxication
  • unidentified individual, Aggravated homicide by vehicle
  • Nicholas D. brown, gillette, Cancellation of bonds
  • James E Comstock, Gillette, 24/7 offense: smear
  • male juvenile offender, 24/7 offense: smear
  • Mindy M. Donohue, Gillette, Convicted prisoner
  • Justin M. Emery, Gillette, Public intoxication, assault and battery, breach of peace: physical/verbal
  • Robert L. Grimaldo II, Gillette, criminal investigation
  • Philip A. Houser, Gillette, WYDOC
  • Duane A. Jarvis, Casper, criminal investigation
  • Unidentified individualtaking controlled substances or alcoholic beverages to prison/penal institution/mental hospital, probation violation/revocation x2
  • joshua s. Knig, Gillette, Driving under the influence of alcohol: blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% after two hours of driving, flashing lights
  • Andrew S. Lucentis, Gillette, Use/under the influence of drugs, illegal possession: In the form of pills or capsules: less than 3 grams
  • Nicole Mandelstam, Gillette, Test Violation/Cancellation x5
  • Tanner C. Massey, Gillettecontempt of court/jury order x4
  • Samuel T. Maurer, GilletteDWUI: Alcohol: >.08%
  • Frank A. Novella, Gillettehousehold battery, property destruction: less than $1,000
  • Jonathan R. Osborne, Gillettespeeding, eluding an officer, interfering with an officer, DWUI: Alcohol: greater than 0.08%, operating a vehicle without an immobilizer, displaying speeding.
  • Travis A. Roebling, GilletteDisturbing the Peace: Physical/Verbal Intoxication, Public Intoxication
  • male juvenile offender, domestic abuse
  • Unidentified individualUnlawful Possession: Powder or Crystalline Form: Less than 3 grams: 3rd or subsequent, Cancel Bond x2, Fraudulent Drug and Alcohol Screening Test: Possession Adulterants


  • David AguirreChild endangerment Possession of a controlled substance Use of a controlled substance
  • Tyler KershawTaking a Controlled Substance to Jail, Possession of a Controlled Substance: Crystal Form, Possession of a Controlled Substance: Plant, Possession of a Controlled Substance: Crystal Form x2, Probation Cancelled
  • Kerry Pasklevitch Also known as Bachthird DUI, cancel the test
  • Matthew BeloffDUI, contempt of court, failure to appear
  • andrew Painter, The second DUI


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