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With schools open, the Tengy Injury Code urges Vegas motorists to remember Ricks’ law


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Posted August 29, 2023

In the wake of a new Nevada law that increases penalties for reckless driving in schools and pedestrian zones, a Las Vegas law firm is urging drivers to avoid all-too-common speeding tickets.

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Tingey Injury Law Firm, one of the oldest and most respected personal injury firms in Las Vegas, has seen far too many school-aged children become victims of reckless drivers. As the school year begins, corporate attorneys are warning motorists to use special care in schools and pedestrian zones or face stiff new penalties under Nevada’s newly passed REX law.

“This law was a critical step in increasing accountability for reckless driving, and we are optimistic about its effects on making the greater Las Vegas area safer for children and all pedestrians,” he said. Tingey Injury Law Firm Auto accident attorney Dean Tingey.

The Rex Act, passed in June, is named after 13-year-old Rex Patchett, who was riding his scooter in front of his school when he was hit and killed by a motorist at over 90mph. Under the previous law, the driver who killed Patchett was only eligible for one to six years in prison, but the Ricks Act raised the sentence to 10 to 20 years.

Speeding has been called a “serious epidemic” in Nevada, as in 2022 the Nevada Highway Patrol issued an average of 11 tickets per day for motorists driving at 100 mph or more. In the previous year, they had issued an average of 12 tickets a day for speeding over 100mph. This is a sharp increase from 2019 and 2020 when they issued 7 and 6 tickets per day, respectively.

Some have blamed the increase on “Fast and Furious” movies, which led to an increase in street racing, and on habits left over from the pandemic, which made it easier for motorists to speed through streets devoid of usual traffic. Another factor in the Las Vegas area is the easy access to exotic car rental locations, which can encourage speeding. Regardless of the triggers, the stakes are high for schoolchildren and other pedestrians who depend on obeying speed laws to stay safe.

“Reckless driving incidents are all the more tragic because they are preventable,” Tingey said. “We encourage all motorists to avoid high speeds and reckless behavior on the road. Our team of accident injury attorneys He has witnessed many shattered lives resulting from this kind of neglect. The fast paced thrill is never worth it because of the devastation it causes.

For more than 50 years, Tingey Injury Law Firm has helped victims of reckless driving accidents and their families deal with the physical and financial devastation that results. They also advocate for safer driving practices in Nevada on their company’s website. To learn more about the company and its efforts to make Las Vegas roads safer, visit

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