Kevin Costner claims ex Kristen Baumgartner engaged in ‘relentless jihad’ against him amid divorce and claims ‘boyfriend gave her $20,000’ in latest legal dispute

Kevin Costner He claimed his ex Christine Baumgartner became so unreasonable amid their divorce battle that she engaged in a “relentless jihad” against him.

The Yellowstone actor, 68, and his ex, 49, who split on May 1, are locked in a battle to pay child support to children Kayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13 — with the actor claiming in new legal documents to have paid out more than $1 million since the split.

In Thursday’s session documents TMZ Reports indicate that the actress claims that Kristen has been “deceptive about the amount of money she has, claiming that her boyfriend recently gave her $20,000.”

While the documents do not identify her boyfriend, sources tell the newspaper that Costner believes his good friend Josh Connor is the one. Christine vacationed in Hawaii last month – Although the sources associated with the couple denied any romantic relationship between them.

Costner also claims that Kristen secretly took $105,000 from him to pay her lawyers, and doubled down on her claims that she “covered” her child support bills to fund plastic surgery, private trainers, and her “unallocated credit card expenses.”

Split: Kevin Costner claimed his ex Christine Baumgartner became so unreasonable amid their divorce battle that she engaged in ‘relentless jihad’ against him (pictured in 2022)
Family: The former couple have three children together, Kayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13 (pictured 2015)

He claims her plastic surgery bills total $188,500 per year.

Costner claims that Kristen actually needs about $63,000 a month in child support.

She recently demanded that the actor raise her child support payments from $129,755 per month to $175,057 per month to fund their children’s lifestyles.

Costner claims that Kristen engaged in “baseless personal attacks” on him and could get him a job, saying: “She has no plans to look for work or engage in any income-generating activity, and claims to require enough child support so that she does not have to work.

The hearing is scheduled to end on Friday, when the judge will decide how much child support Costner will pay.

Baumgartner previously filed legal documents asking the court to reconsider the payments so the children could “enjoy the same lifestyle with both parents” and after finding out how much money Costner earned.

Baumgartner initially requested a monthly lump sum of $248,000 in child support, which Costner said he disputed in June before she was paid $129,755 per month.

In the documents, Baumgartner mentions how the children live in a $65 million to $95 million beach complex with Costner and take private jets with the actor on vacations.

She says the actress needs to pay more child support “so the kids can go on similar vacations when they’re with her.” And that’s true even if child support payments also improve Kristen’s lifestyle — which she says is the standard required by California family law.

Alleged: In Thursday’s hearing documents, TMZ reports that the actress claims Kristen was “deceptive about how much money she had, claiming that her boyfriend recently gave her $20,000.” Sources tell the publication that Costner thinks his good friend Josh Connor (pictured while on vacation with Kristen last month)

She adds that the higher sum “would not be enough to replicate Kevin’s lifestyle, but it would be enough to allow her to provide a relatively similar lifestyle for the children”.

Baumgartner claims that Kevin’s average cash flow over the past two years was $19,248,467 annually, which equates to $1.6 million per month. It also claims that he earned $11 million from the fourth season of Yellowstone, $10 million from the fifth season, and is set to take home $12 million from the upcoming movie Horizon.

She says he will make another $12 million for the sequel.

Baumgartner currently lives in a temporary rental in Montecito for $40,000 a month, and says in the documents: “Unlike the Kevin’s Beach Club complex, the September rental is on the mountain side of the highway.” It doesn’t have beach access, it’s not within walking distance to the beach, and it doesn’t have a scenic view.’

It comes after Costner claimed he “didn’t know for sure” whether or not she was his estranged wife. Baumgartnerhe had “extramarital” affairs but stated that he was faithful during their marriage.

The Yellowstone actor who recently claimed his ex-wife is She is deliberately trying to “delay” their divorcehas been embroiled in turbulent divorce proceedings since Kristen filed for divorce on May 1st.

In a new legal application for a warrant he obtained the people, The mother-of-three asked for more documents to prove Costner’s financial situation.

Some of the requests included “expenses paid by you or any person at your request or on your behalf, in connection with any romantic relationships outside marriage.”

She says the actress needs to pay more child support “so the kids can go on similar vacations when they’re with her.” And that’s true even if the child support payments also improve Kristen’s lifestyle. Kristen was seen in 2019 in Los Angeles

In response, the star’s legal team stated that the request was “submitted solely for the purposes of harassment, is broad as to time period and subject matter, and is impermissibly onerous, oppressive, and complex.”

His lawyers further stated that Christine and her lawyer’s application was “irrelevant” because there was “no community property” between the former spouses in relation to their separation.

Costner and his team also added that he “does not know for sure whether (Kristen) engaged in any ‘extramarital romantic affairs’ prior to the separation, and if so, whether she spent any of his money or incurred any expenses furthering their affair.” “. (s) on credit cards that paid.

The star’s lawyers stated that “(Kevin) has no documents in response to the ‘extramarital romances’ he was involved in because he was not involved in any of them.”

According to the outlet, New York-based marriage and family law attorney Marilyn B. Chenitz, Christine’s request is “not unusual”.

But, he added, “a request to ‘pay expenses related to any romantic relations outside of marriage’ should be considered irrelevant, harassing, and amounting to nothing more than a fishing trip.”

The Dances With Wolves actor and handbag designer were first married in 2004 in Aspen, Colorado, and have three children: Cayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13.

But in May, after nearly 19 years of marriage, Kristen filed for divorce, which left the Hollywood star “in shock” and came as an “unpleasant surprise,” a source told People at the time.

Their divorce quickly turned sour, and his estranged wife recently made allegations that Kevin is “blacking out” financial records on his $400 million fortune amid their ongoing divorce.

New documents: In a new legal request for an order obtained by People, the mother-of-three asked for more documents to prove Costner’s financial situation; Seen in 2019 in Madrid

In legal documents filed with California Supreme Court on Monday, the designer said the Oscar-winning actor withheld documents in the case. the people reported Wednesday after reviewing legal documents.

Baumgartner — who has publicly clashed with Costner over her living arrangements since the split — has been requesting documents detailing his “future endeavors and projected income” on projects such as his upcoming Horizon film series.

Christine requested a court order requiring Costner to share the required documents. Her team said the actor was “obstructing” them in sharing relevant information with a child support hearing scheduled for next week, and one in November that will scrutinize the prenuptial agreement in the case.

Baumgartner — who in July was awarded $129,755 a month in child support by the court — said she felt pressured to sign a prenuptial agreement, which entitles her to $1.5 million in compensation if the marriage ends.

Her lawyers said in legal documents that Costner “has requested a hearing for several days on (Baumgartner’s) application for child support, at which time the court will receive evidence regarding (Costner’s) total available cash flow for support and expected future income.”

Family: The Dances With Wolves actor and handbag designer were first married in 2004 in Aspen, Colorado and have three children: Kayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13; Seen in 2019

The lawyers said the court would “need to receive evidence of those circumstances in order to make its decision,” but Baumgartner “will not be able to present any evidence that (Kostner) has chosen to withhold from discovery.”

Baumgartner initially requested a monthly payment of child support totaling $248,000, which Costner said he opposed in June.

The actor, who made around $20 million in 2022, said the amount wasn’t possible because he’s set to take “much less” since stepping away from Yellowstone.

Baumgartner’s legal team requested detailed information about Horizon—noting that “such documents prove his future endeavors and projected income”—and said it was withheld by Costner’s team.

Recent affidavits: On Aug. 19, Kevin and Christine were spotted in Santa Barbara, California giving affidavits amid their ongoing divorce battle; Seen in the year 2022

Paul Durham’s representative’s attorney said the application “seeks irrelevant documents given that the parties entered into a” prenuptial agreement that provides “limitations on spousal maintenance and provides that all income earned during the marriage will be the separate property of the spouse earning” the income and not providing any community ownership.

Costner’s attorney called some of the requests “onerous, oppressive, and harassing.”

Over the weekend of August 19, Kevin and Kristen were spotted separately in Santa Barbara, California to bid. affidavits amid their ongoing divorce battle.

Kristen has since moved out of her $145 million mansion after being ordered to vacate the property by the end of July, and has since resided in a temporary home in Santa Barbara.

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