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This truly local firm handles cases in nearly a dozen different legal areas and is proud to have been led for the past 17 years by Office Director and Head of Legal Assistance, Danette Teigen, who also has deep generations’ roots in the Valley. Teigen stated, “Our clients love our warm, family atmosphere, and this, along with our diversity, is a rare specialization in the legal field that allows us to help as many people as possible here in our community. I love helping people, and that’s how we train our people, to help people the best we can.” we can.

Keenan Crawford

The team recently welcomed a delightful new attorney, Keenan Crawford. before going to law school St. ThomasCrawford graduated from UW-or Claire Where he met his now wife, Angel. While Crawford graduated with a degree in political science with an emphasis in legal studies, his path to becoming a lawyer began even earlier.

“I took my first political science class in high school, and of course after that, we just talked about some big issues, but I remember thinking how cool it was to learn about these decisions that had such a big impact,” Keenan said. “From that moment on, I always knew I wanted to practice law.”

before joining Puckett, Donilan, and SchlewitzCrawford gained legal experience at the Minneapolis City Attorney’s Office and a few other firms, but the Green Bay native could always have gone back to Eau Claire. In just over a year, Keenan began working in multiple areas of law, “my favorite practice areas are estate planning/trusts, wills, contracts, lease agreements, property and real estate disputes/negotiations, and workers’ compensation.”

While dealing with some unique issues, such as negotiating an NBA contract, the law firm environment of Poquette, Donnellan & Schlewitz assures him he’s in the right place, with the right team.

“The atmosphere here is not traditional,” Keenan said. “Those other companies had a tougher, tougher, more competitive atmosphere Puckett, Donilan, and SchlewitzWe have the competitive edge, but in a way that we push each other to be better. It seems more family oriented.

The Poquette, Donnellan & Schlewitz team spent a few years searching for the next right attorney, someone to add to their experience and share the same family-oriented values.

“Nobody felt right until we met Keenan,” Schleifowitz recalls. “He has a zest for life; Kenan’s values ​​and energy, his sincere desire to do a good job and help people, you couldn’t teach her that. Donnellan agreed, explaining that Keenan’s “seemingly endless curiosity has played out, and he continues to come up with creative ideas that elevate the entire team.”

“Eau Claire is a growing city and it’s still easy to get personal with people, which is just one of the reasons I love it here,” Keenan said. “My wife and I are very happy to be back and the atmosphere (in the company) makes us a real team.”

In keeping with the company’s inspiration to balance work and life in favor of life, Keenan spends his spare time golfing at Mill Run and Lake Hallie golf courses, playing volleyball at Wagner’s Lanes, watching the latest movie release in theaters, and being with his family. .

As the Eau Claire region and the Chippewa Valley continue to grow, Puckett, Donnellan, and Schlewitz Law Excited to join the crowd with her newest lawyer! If you ever need legal services, contact them to experience their unique and exceptional atmosphere!

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