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Arrests and summons for Monday, August 28th


GILLETTE, Wyoming – Arrests are being made as directed by the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office. Some names have been withheld at the request of law enforcement. All persons cited or arrested are considered innocent until convicted in a court of law. Fees are subject to change after formal filing by the Campbell County District Attorney’s Office.

This list has been supplemented with information on summons from the courts. Arrests will be reported after information has been compiled from law enforcement press briefings about the events of the day or days prior. Recalls made each business day at 1:30 PM will be included in the previous business day.


  • Trevor J. alison, gillette, Contempt: an injunction from the municipality
  • Scott D. packer, gillette, internal battery
  • Xavier L. Coleman, Aurora, Colorado, Unlawful Possession: Plant form less than 3 ounces in size
  • James E Comstock, Gillette, 24/7 Violation: Patch x2
  • Haroldo O. de Leon Valdez, Gillette, general poisoning
  • Clinton P Eubank, Gillettecontempt: the municipal bench ordered
  • Lien. Flores Gonzalez, Gillette, The sentenced prisoner
  • James A. higgs basin, Bond cancellation
  • Nicholas M. Hit, Gillette, Contempt of Court: Bench Order X7
  • Rick J Little, Torrington, WYDOC ordered the arrest
  • Ashley A. mclwain, gillette, internal battery
  • unidentified individual, Severe assault and beating
  • Jose C. Portillo Panda, Gillette-No driver’s license in possession
  • Matthew S. rawson, gillette, 24/7 Violation: Swap, Bail Cancellation
  • Sebastian I. Ream, Gillette, Test Violation/Cancellation
  • Johnny Rodriguez, Clifton, Colorado, Contempt of Court: Bench Order x3
  • kibera romero, gillette, Driving under the influence of alcohol to the point of being unable to drive safely, and unsafe support
  • Marcus G. Sanchez, Gillette, The sentenced prisoner
  • Derek M. Schaff, Gillette, Unlawful possession: in the form of powder or crystals less than 3 grams, reckless endangerment of a firearm
  • Cody A. terry, gillette, Alcohol greater than .08%/DWUI, failure to keep track of travel
  • Jason J Worden, Gillette, Contempt of Court: injunction x12, receipt/concealment/disposition of property


  • robert Hensley, Child abuse
  • Dustin BrownPossession of a dangerous weapon with illegal intent
  • callie Davidson, Child abuse, domestic abuse, and interference x2
  • nicholas Heat, POCS III: Crystal, POCS III: Pill, Seatbelt: Suspension of License, Contempt of Court for Non-Payment: Injunction for the Following: POCS: Factory, Driving Under Suspension x2 (2014 and 2018), Wrongful Imprisonment, Theft, Use of a Substance Controlled, property destruction
  • unidentified individual, Aggravated assault, battery, and sexual assault in the first degree
  • drake White, internal battery
  • leroy Brady, Use of controlled substances
  • curtis Collins, Initial appearance: driving under suspension, incorrect registration; Contempt of Court: Failure to comply with: Non-Registration, Non-Insurance, Driving Under Suspension x2, Driving Under Suspension: Second
  • matthew Rawson, Bond cancellation: controlled substance use


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