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Dr. Meisl RECHTSANWÄLTE is expanding his specialist team


Regensburg, Bayern, August 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

Dr. Misl Richtanwalt The law firm is pleased to announce the expansion of its team with attorney specializing in medical law, Gerald Tex. Since the beginning of his career in 2002, Gerald Tex has advised and represented injured parties in areas of medical liability and liability as a result of medical malpractice. He also has many years of professional experience in settling road personal injury and insurance law cases.

When dealing with cases, his focus has always been on the prompt and efficient execution of all potential claims for damages while ensuring that clients’ interests were always the top priority. Not only does he speak the “language” of law firm clients, but he always communicates with doctors and insurance companies on equal terms. Due to his many years of professional experience, Mr. Tex has built a close network of specialists and experts who provide him with the medical “knowledge” necessary for his legal work.

Mr. Tex is a valuable addition to the team and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that will help clients get the best legal representation they need. The law firm is now expanding its team to include some of the best attorneys specializing in the field, and Mr. Tex is one of them. The team now includes attorneys specializing in medical law and attorneys specializing in traffic law. The team is now well equipped to provide impeccable legal services to its clients.

About Dr. Misel Rechtsanwalt

Dr. Meisl RECHTSANWÄLTE is a reliable and reputable law firm in Germany that has provided flawless legal representation to its clients for several years. The law firm continues to provide excellent legal services by empowering and expanding its team of lawyers to ensure that they are able to provide the best possible services to their clients. The law firm prides itself on honesty, transparency, great communication, and cost control for all of its clients.

Dr. Meisel RECHTSANWÄLTE Law Office provides services in:

  1. Traffic Law
  2. Insurance law
  3. Employment law
  4. Criminal law
  5. Personal injury law
  6. Medical liability law

When it comes to personal injury cases, specialized attorneys can help clients obtain compensation after their accidents and account for lost profits due to personal injuries. Customers can also benefit from traffic law services that help them manage the consequences of traffic accidents and the legal ramifications of fines for speeding or other traffic offences.

Insurance law services are also available and clients with insurance companies that do not pay for statutory protection, private health or accident insurance can get the legal representation they need to fight their cases. Employers who need specialized attorneys to assist them with their contracts, termination cases, and severance pay policies can also obtain these services here. Clients can expect to receive quality services at reasonable rates and to work with attorneys who are honest and transparent about the entire process.

People looking for legal advice can easily communicate with their team to find out what kind of legal representation they need for their cases. The team is very responsive and able to give them the guidance they need to handle complex cases. Once they have the appropriate assessment and consultation with their team, they can rest assured that they will receive a phone call from the team within 24 hours with a plan of action to support their cause. In addition, the law firm cares about people’s economic situations, and they will give you the advice you need to understand how to monitor your costs to ensure that the bank does not go bankrupt by handling your cases legally.

Lawyers are highly experienced in fighting for your rights and quickly resolving disputes in the event of lawsuits or other forms of litigation. The law firm of Dr. Meisl RECHTSANWÄLTE has offices in Munich and Regensburg, Germany. To learn more about how Dr. Meisl RECHTSANWÄLTE can help you please visit the website their website.




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