Charu Asopa dances to ex-sister-in-law Sushmita Sen’s hit song “Chunari Chunari”, and writes: “Kuch cheezen recreates nahi ki ja sakti”.


TV actress

Sharo Asuba

who was once the sister-in-law of a Bollywood singer

Sushmita Sen

Recently, he sought to recreate the famous “Chunari Chunari” from the hit movie Biwi No.1. Clad in a stunning black sari, Charu’s attempt became an unexpected source of comic relief for her fans.

A glimpse of Charu Asoba and Rajeev Sen’s relationship

Before diving into the comic adventure, it’s worth mentioning


Asopa was previously married to Rajeev Sen, brother of Sushmita Sen. The two had a tumultuous relationship, breaking up and reconciling frequently until they finally decided to file for divorce. Throughout the ups and downs, Sushmita Sen has remained a pillar of support for Charu and continues to be in touch with her and her daughters.

The unexpected accident

While Shiro Asoba immersed herself in the song, her husband did the acting.

Gaurav Raj Puri

entered the frame, imitating what

Salman Khan

He also does in the romantic movie Sushmita Sen. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until Charu Gaurav’s eye was accidentally hit by sequins from Balu Sari, which temporarily put him into a coma.

Unaware of what had just happened, Charu continued with her work. Upon realizing the mistake, she and the photographer laughed at the failed attempt. Taking care of Gaurav becomes the next immediate priority, but not without some amusing banter between them.

Fan reactions and Charu’s takeaway

Charo commented on the video saying that some things are just too unique to be recreated. She encouraged her fans to watch the video till the end to get a sense of the sudden turn of events involving Gaurav.

The video received an overwhelmingly positive response. Fans found humor in the mishap, while others were blown away by Charu’s charming looks.

In an industry abounding in entertainment, Charo’s attempt is a delightful reminder that the magic of the original can sometimes be irreplaceable. As for Charo, this experience, funny as it may be, is a testament to her likable personality, which continues to captivate her fans.


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