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We present to you the list of strengths of the Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Act 2023 from The Daily Record


The most serious exposure for many Marylanders to the legal system comes after they suffer an accident or injury. As they try to recover – physically, emotionally and financially – they often seek legal advice to help them get their money back or just to pay their expenses.

Tom Baden (file)
Thomas Baden Jr

At the same time, companies and healthcare organizations also need sound legal advice to ensure that their interests are effectively represented in court.

The people you will meet on this list of strengths are among the best practitioners in this complex legal field in Maryland.

This list has been selected by our editorial leadership team. We’ve reached out to readers and others in the legal community for input and perspectives.

In this list we explore how these lawyers view their careers, what they would change if they could, and what they might do if they did not choose this profession. We hope to provide a glimpse into the kind of people they are and how they see their accomplishments.

This list is part of a series of Power Lists throughout 2023 that will feature the most influential figures in law, higher education, healthcare, business, financial services, and other fields. At the end of the year, we will present a special 100 Power List that highlights the most powerful and influential people in Maryland in all of these areas.

You can find this and All of our power menus are here.

If you know someone who you think is a strong candidate for inclusion on our Power Lists, we’d love to hear from you. Just go to And tell us about the individual.

We hope you enjoyed this post and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Thomas Baden Jr

View the digital version of the personal injury and medical malpractice law strength list here.

Renee Boston
Boston Law Group

Andrew Burnett
Potter Burnett

James Cardia
Shukur, Statton, Goldberg, and Cardia

Tiffany Collins
Collins Law Group

Natalie C. D’Antonio
Beckmann, Marder, Huber, Malarkey and Berlin

Catherine A. Dickinson
Schachmann, Bielski, Wiener, and Davy

Neil Dubowski
Dubbo’s law

Ellen B. cork
Flynn Law Group

Kenneth D. L. Goudreau
Goodrow Law Firm

Allen E Huneck
foreman | Honeck’s law

Robert Jenner
Jenner’s law

Justin B. Katz
Gordon Fineblatt

Thomas Keleti
Kelly Bonadio

Justin H. Liebowitz
Azrael, Franz, Schwab, Liebowitz and Salter

Patrice Meredith Clark
Elif, Meredith, Wildberger and Brennan

Ronald F. Miller Jr
Miller and Zoes

Tiffany Randolph
Shulman Rogers

Mark E Roscoe
Weber’s life

Michael L Sanders
Damour Personal Injury Law

Laura A. Simmons
Silverman Thompson Slotkin White

Sarah L. smith
Weiss Vogelstein-Furman and Offutt

John S. Stefanuka
Gilman and Bedigan

Robert Wilczek
Wilczek, Callahan, Wilczek

John Iannone
Benowitz price

Thomas F. Yost Junior
Yost Legal Group

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