The Family Chantel- Pedro and Chantel’s saddest moments before and during their divorce



  • Pedro cheated on Chantelle and broke her heart. The divorce was devastating for her.
  • Chantelle gets tough after Pedro files for divorce, allegedly cleaning out their joint bank account. The breakup was very messy.
  • There were problems in their marriage, including Pedro’s relationship with Nicole Gimeno’s girlfriend, Corima Morla. Nor did he support Chantelle when she failed her nursing exam.

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Chantelle Everett He was passionately in love with Pedro Jimenoand flashy Chantelle Family The star had to deal with a lot of heartbreak before and during their breakup. Pedro deserts her, but during their marriage, he makes many promises, and presents himself as her true love. He did this despite a few nasty fights that would eventually tear them apart. Even after Pedro told her he wanted out, it was clear that she still loved him. When they went their separate ways, it was probably the worst day of Chantelle’s life.

Pedro and Chantel had been married for six years, and while there were hints that they weren’t right for each other, they did have happy moments. That’s why it was so devastating when news of their divorce started making headlines. since Pedro decided to leave, he has been described as a villain. While relationships are generally not black and white, in their relationship he was the one who did most of the hurt. He may have been using his partner, too.

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Chantelle couldn’t make Pedro change his mind (she wanted him to stay)

Pedro Jimeno from The Family Chantel looks upset in two different photos

Imagine all the sleepless nights Chantelle had after Pedro told her he wanted a divorce. It’s easy to imagine her lying on the bed crying her heart out. Unfortunately, this may have happened too often. Chantelle’s heartbreak was tragic, as she seemed to genuinely believe that Pedro was her true love. He played through it all, by giving Chantelle is a cute pet named “Pinky Winky” and comparing her feminine curves to a guitar. While this fit and attractive man seems like a great catch, there is more to him than meets the eye. He puts Chantelle under a spell that leads her straight to the rocks.

After Pedro files for divorce, things get even more stressful. Chantelle began to accept the situation, and began to change. Although she may have had emotional moments when she saw or heard things that reminded her of Pedro, she began to become more puritanical. It may have inspired her to clean out the couple’s joint bank account. Pedro claimed she got $256,000 and left him nothing.

Things got very messy, and Chantelle said Pedro was abusive and unfaithful. It was a defining moment that showed how Things were bad between Pedro and Chantel. The drama was building like a storm, and by October 2021, they both had restraining orders against the other. While their divorce may not be officially finalized yet, they are. After all this, the possibilities of returning to what it was were non-existent. It’s a scorched earth kind of divorce, where bridges are burned to the ground.

Corima Morla tried to break Pedro and Chantel’s bondFamily Chantel star Pedro Gimeno with Corima Morla in a split photo

During their marriage, and before Pedro became too cold and distant, there were issues that changed his dynamic with his wife. One of the problems was Pedro’s relationship with him Sister’s best friend, Corima Murla. Nicole is a troublemaker, and she tries to make it look like Pedro and Coraima are involved. While she was likely exaggerating due to an ulterior motive (she hates Chantelle), there may have been a grain of truth in what she was saying.

Nicole provoked Chantelle by showing her a video of Pedro and Corima dancing. Pedro’s sister kept this video on her phone, and was probably really looking forward to sharing it with her then-niece. Of course, Chantelle panicked. Although nothing really outrageous was shown in the clip, there was enough hilarity to cause real trouble between Pedro and Chantel.

Pedro criticized Chantel for failing her nursing exam

90 Day Fiancé montage of Pedro and Chantel wearing red outfits

In terms of quarrels between spouses, these quarrels were relatively minor, but with great meaning. He told a story about who Pedro was. And What he wanted from Chantelle. She was studying to be a nurse, and almost crossed the finish line. However, she hits a roadblock when he fails her final exam. These things happen, and it doesn’t mean the person will be bad at their job. Some people don’t do well on tests because exams make them nervous. There can be a lot of reasons why a person may not excel in tests. Whatever the reason, Chantelle failed her exam.

She returns home to seek some comfort from her husband. Pedro, who was sitting in front of his computer playing video games, swiveled in his chair and started berating his already annoyed wife. The whole time he was thinking of himself. In that pivotal moment, he seemed to drop the mask, showing her the real him. What was underneath was very cold and rotten. His problem with failing the test was that it would delay the process of becoming a nurse. This would delay his plans to build a career in America.

Of course, Chantelle was horrified by her husband’s reaction. She has had many moments like this, where she had to see beyond her romantic dreams and face reality. Pedro hurt her a lot, and that’s all. Because of this, although it may take years to truly recover from everything that happened, she now has the chance to be truly happy. Even if you are not there yet, there is hope. Previously, with Pedro, it was just a pipe dream.

Chantelle and Pedro have both grown up And it’s evolved since the heartbreaking moments discussed here hit the screen. Although she often looks sad on social media, she is trying to enjoy life as a single woman, and she has a lot going for her. Pedro embraces his career in real estate, and seems less heartbroken than his ex-wife. It is possible that he was not sad at all. Do viewers really know Pedro at all? Is Chantelle? These are questions that may never be answered.

Chantelle Family The stars are far apart, but maybe that’s for the best for Chantelle. Maybe Pedro could have made out with his ex-girlfriend, but Chantelle couldn’t. In some romances, one person loves and the other is loved. This dynamic can work for a while, but once the “lovable” partner doesn’t get what they want, the cracks under the surface will widen, creating a chasm that no “half” can bridge.


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