The Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group expands its team and welcomes back Hilary Piedra


Parsippany, NJ, August 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group is pleased to announce the latest expansion of its experienced team as it welcomes new members. a partner Tamara Levinelawyers Michael McGuire And Ryan ClarkReturning attorney Hilary Piedra.

These new members of our team bring additional strategic leadership and legal acumen to the firm, deepening our already expanded mastery of the family law field. We are very pleased to welcome these exceptional legal minds, including a very welcome return Hilary Piedra,” He said Barry WeinbergerFounder and Managing Partner of Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group.

a companyThe firm’s new hires bring a wealth of experience in various aspects of family law, which enhances the firm’s ability to serve a wide range of client needs.

a partner Tamara Levine He joins the companys Parsippany His position after practicing family law for nearly two decades in both New Jersey And New York. Drawing on her extensive background in mediation, collaborative settlement and litigation, Tamara is highly regarded for her advanced skills in creating bespoke legal strategies for her clients.

Ryan Clark He joins the companyFreehold site. Former Assistant Attorney General Queens, New York, and a criminal defense attorney, Ryan now devotes his practice exclusively to family law. His formidable litigation skills are especially valuable to his clients dealing with complex, contested cases and overlapping Tevis claims.

Michael McGuire It also joins the Freehold Office. Michael previously practiced as a criminal defense and marriage attorney in the United States New Jersey And New York, and hones his skills in high-stakes, emotionally charged courtroom fights. Michael now dedicates his practice exclusively to family law.

Rent back Hilary Piedra He rejoins the companys Parsippany office. Hilary is a well-known family law attorney with extensive skill and experience in all aspects of family and marriage matters. After moving to another company in 2022, she is thrilled to be back Home “team. As Barry Weinberger male, HillaryThe decision to return is a testament to our company’s dynamic and supportive work environment. He. SheIt’s great to welcome her back into the family.”

About Weinberger Divorce and Family Law Group:

Weinberger Divorce and Family Law Group It is the largest divorce law firm in the state. Their team of dedicated professionals is committed to protecting their clients through compassionate and effective legal care.

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Barry Weinberger
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