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SEO for law firmsOne of the best ways to achieve more with less is to reuse content. This doesn’t mean just copying and pasting the version into different platforms. Here are some of our favorite ways to repurpose content you’ve spent valuable time and effort on.

Why repurpose content?

When it comes right down to it, content reuse simply means getting the most out of the content you’ve already created. Some of the greatest benefits are:

  • Expand your reach Reuse is a great way to use new platforms and reach diverse audiences.
  • time saving -If you don’t have a large team, you can only create so much content. Reuse saves resources and allows you to get the most out of the work already done.
  • Content optimization As you research the content you want to repurpose, you’ll gain an understanding of what parts perform best and which topics resonate most with your audience, allowing you to improve future content.
  • SEO support By creating multiple pieces of content around the same topics or keywords, you can deliver Search engine optimization strategy Paid.

5 ways to repurpose content Content marketing measurement

As you can see, there are a lot of important benefits that come with reusing existing content. What are the best ways to actually repurpose content? Here are 5 strategies you can employ.

  1. Create evergreen contentEvergreen content It is material that is not particularly timely and is likely to always be relevant. For example, your company’s mission statement is unlikely to change from year to year. This would be a great theme to turn into various blog posts, videos, etc. You probably have some stuff already written on the subject, so gather the information and turn it into easy-to-find web content.
  2. Find the best performing topics Start your reuse journey by looking for the content items that got the most items Engagement. This is a solid clue to what resonates with your audience. From there, add to your content calendar based on topics you already know are doing well. Use the group form to add more blog posts, landing Pages, Or social content based on what you already know has performed well.
  3. Update previous content Have you written content about current issues, new regulations or political environments? There will likely be updates and changes over time. Find previous blog posts and update them with new material. Add an update and at the beginning of the blog add a note saying that you have updated the blog with more recent information. Then reshare it on different platforms to let your followers know there’s new information for them to review.
  4. Reshare previous content Once you know which Threads Do your best, don’t be afraid to re-share. You need to do this sparingly so you don’t share the same information over and over, but it’s a good idea to give your followers new opportunities to see what you’ve already posted. A good way to do this is to make a list of your top blogs, and perhaps a list of the year’s most popular blogs at the end of each calendar year.
  5. Create less and promote moreBefore you spend time creating new content, take a look at what you already have and see if there are more ways to use it. We’ve detailed some specific techniques below, but a good place to start is with video and social content. Short video is an incredibly popular format, so try breaking up longer videos into outtakes or creating new social media posts for content you’ve already created.

Content Repurposing Tactics Lawyer marketing

Let’s list some specific examples of ways to repurpose content on different platforms.

  • Create blog posts from videos by copying them and performing additional operations Search for the keyword, and format copy in one or multiple blog posts.
  • Create more short clips from long videos for YouTube, Reels, TikToks or even paid ads.
  • Create infographics from longform content by taking data from blog posts or white papers and plotting it into a visually interesting infographic that can be shared on Social media Or include it for download.
  • Create social posts from blog content by breakaways “how” Articles or lists and share interesting snippets periodically as a thread.
  • Create emails from previous blog posts by separating the information into a thread (for example, one email about the challenges of high net worth divorces, a next email about 10 specific tips for high net worth divorces, and a final email about where From which readers can get more detailed information).


Content reuse is a smart way to save time and resources, improve your content strategy, and improve your digital presence in general Search Engine Optimization Vision. Try implementing some of these tactics to create more powerful, media-correcting content. Remember, digital marketing success often depends on the content you create.

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