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Google The secret sauce is hard to understand, which makes the job of a digital marketer difficult. And luckily, some of the best of Google’s teamSearch Engine Marketing (SEO) for law firms Members are ready to share the latest updates. Understanding these changes allows us to better develop our strategies to improve. Here’s the latest note from Google and how it relates to SEO marketing for law firms.

In recent content from Google’s John Mueller, he suggests keeping the

A “clean” HTML element section to ensure that search crawlers can better understand your website. In a Reddit thread where users asked if placing HTML code can affect SEO issues, he said the answer is yes. Placing HTML code may negatively affect law firms’ SEO marketing if it does not appear at the top of the page.

In his statements, Mueller uses this term HTML headers. However,

The element is not usually referred to in this way. For context, it is generally understood that HTML headers refer to a file Element (meaning H1, H2, H3, and so on). Header elements are a specific HTML component known as

which contains things like a menu or company logo. Furthermore, the Head HTML element is a section at the top of an HTML document that contains metadata about the document itself (such as the title and meta description). It is important to note that when Mueller refers to “headers” he is talking specifically about

an item.

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He also stressed the importance of preserving

A clean and tidy section of the HTML document with scripts that might be better placed elsewhere. His advice also included the fact that the element should only contain metadata about the document itself that will be used by browsers and search engines. This helps search engines to actually understand what the page is about and send data to browsers and search engines to display web pages correctly. Some JavaScript code can and should be placed after the element. After moving any JavaScript out of this section, it is recommended to use the View tool in Search Console to see if the page renders correctly after the move.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO) for law firms

The direct quote from the content is the “HTML headers (

) should be pretty much at the top. I’ll move any JS file to the bottom of the HTML headers, and check with the Search Console display tool that the JS isn’t corrupting that section. Speaking of the main content, he said that its placement is less important, although it is important that the section is very clean and organized so that the bots can understand it properly. He continues, “As for the content, it doesn’t matter much, but since the headers are for machine-readable information that’s checked to be in a specific part of the page, it really should be clean at the top. Down with the javascript(in)!”

Curious about why JavaScript mode is so important Search Engine Optimization? When designing a website, it is best to use asynchronous and defer attributes in a way that allows for the best and best rendering user experience as fast as possible. JavaScript can delay rendering a web page while it is loading, resulting in a poor user experience. HTML can be rendered first, allowing the user to render the content while the JavaScript is loading in the background.


Based on this advice, it makes sense to review your site and make sure you’re following best practices. Need some help with the technical elements of SEO marketing for law firms?


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