Jersey Shore Family Vacation LIVE – Sami revisits the drama with Ronnie as Snooki and Angelina plan a surprise tonight


Where to watch the Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Jersey shore family vacation It airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m MTV.

The show and its previous seasons are available to stream on Hulu, Paramount Plus, and the MTV app.

You can also stream the show live on Hulu Live, Sling, or Fubo TV.

Sami does not look back angrily

On tonight’s episode per preview shared by the people, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, SamiAnd Angelina Pivarnick Sit down to discuss one of the most dramatic moments in the history of the original show.

Snooki f Jenny “JWoww” Farley Sami wrote an anonymous letter 13 years ago informing her that her boyfriend, a fellow actor, is Ronnie Ortiz-MagroHe was cheating on her.

When an episode of the MTV reality series aired in 2009, the message sparked intense turmoil among the inner circle of friends, including a physical fight between Sami and JW.

“I was even more upset because it was like, Wait, is everyone having sex with me?” Sami said about the note.

Snooki then shows remorse for how he handled the situation and says, “If I had to go back, I’d tell you to your face.”

Sami then replies, “I was 22 and that was very exciting at the time. If the memo had happened now, I think I would have handled it a little differently.”

About Vinnie Tortorella

Vinny Tortorella He is Angelina’s fiancé, an event that was met with congratulations and concern from fans.

Vinnie is a model and a graduate of Wagner University where he has a master’s degree in accounting.

“This is something I need at this point in my life,” Angelina told viewers.

“I didn’t feel love in my last relationship. I was literally wearing my underwear and walking around the house half naked and he wouldn’t even look at me.

Angelina’s divorce from Chris continued

It was Angelina Accused From cheating on chris with a A guy named Joe Tarallo from old bridge, new jersey, And also with Mexican reality star Luis Caballero.

Now it seems the former couple are on better terms, especially after Chris wished his ex-wife “nothing but the best” amid her engagement to her fiancé. Vinnie Tortorella.

He shared with fans via Instagram in June: “Just to clarify for those who say I’m bitter or hate Angelina. And that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“You can’t be resentful if you really want to heal and improve yourself… I’ve been talking to her a lot lately and I always tell her how happy I am for her and wish her nothing but the best.”

Angelina’s divorce from Chris

Angelina’s divorce attorney wasn’t the only one attempt to collect an alleged debt from the TV personality.

The US Sun previously reported that her ex-husband, Chris, insisted on her He owes more than $26,000 After completing their divorce.

The marital settlement agreement, which was signed in July 2021, was filed as a document in Chris’s filing and read: “Angelina will pay Christopher the sum of $22,000 which is his 50% share of the funds vested in Christopher.” their weddings“.

Chris argued he never received the $22,000, and his lawyer added that they believe his famous ex acted in bad faith.

Conclusion: Angelina sues for non-payment of divorce attorney

According to court documents, the fee committee determined that the $4,000 remains unpaid, and ordered Angelina to pay 30 days from the date of receipt.

Allegedly, Angelina has not yet paid the full amount.

The American Sun has I reached out to Angelina’s rep for comment But I have not received a response yet.


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