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No matter where you are on your legal marketing journey, you can learn new things. Whether you are new to Social media Or just needSocial media tips for law firms For some fresh inspiration to enhance your law firm’s digital presence, take a look at the following list. We offer 21 of the best tried-and-true social media marketing tips for law firms that can help any legal marketer, from beginners to the most seasoned pro.

Social media tips for beginners

1. Sync posts across all social media accounts

If you haven’t done so before, it’s a good idea to invest in a social management tool like HubSpot’s social inbox or Hootsuite. Keeping the content in sync will ensure a consistent brand presence and will also ensure publishing on all platforms. These platforms will help you schedule content, monitor mentions, and monitor important keywords and contacts.

2. Update or repost old posts

If you have old content that performs well but is outdated, just update it and Repost to boost SEO. Whether it’s blog posts, landing pages, or any other content, updating items to be reposted on social media will take less time than constantly coming up with new ideas. Instead of posting your content with an image, try a video or infographic this time.

3. Schedule posts at ideal times

If you use a social media scheduling tool, you should be able to see what times are best to post on each platform. You can also refer to this Comprehensive guide For general timing guidance.

4. Increase interaction with hashtags

Find existing hashtags, and use a mix of popular and lesser-known hashtags to reach more people. You can also create your own company hashtag to track your unique media presence. Verify Previous blog post About leveraging hashtags to improve social efforts.

5. Use lots of visuals

Include photos, videos, or graphics whenever you can. There are such free services Canva They can help you create graphics, or you can subscribe to stock photo services or even use photos of your employees. And this is important for all social media platforms, not just that Instagram.

6. Optimize every page

Every social media platform has different options that you can use to make your page unique. Pay attention to your the biographyProfile photo and title photo, if any. All images must be trademarked. Using something like your logo in your brand colors is a good idea. Always include a full bio with a call to action and a link to your website so they can find you. You should also consider optimizing your bio and taglines (one-line platforms like Instagram and Twitter give you a description of your account; this is different from your handle, and it’s yours) for research. For example, include a tagline on Instagram like “The Premier Personal Injury Law Firm of New Jersey.”

7. Research the audience

Each platform appeals to different conventions and demographics. Do some research by looking at your competitors’ pages, accounts similar to yours, and hashtags to determine what sub-market your audience is on each platform and what type of content they enjoy.

Social media tips for intermediate users

8. Post several times a day

Up to three times is optimal. If you’re running out of ideas, you can post User generated contentOr go to excerpts from long-form content you’ve created (such as white papers), or post thought leadership content where you discuss articles from others in the industry.

9. Make sure your brand speaks for you

Your goal as a legal marketer is to mix your business Brand in Social Media Marketing. You can do this by adding your law firm’s logo to posts, including the company hashtag, or highlighting your attorneys or employees.

10. Take advantage of interactive content

There are many ways to create diverse and interesting content that will keep your readers interested. Try a Twitter poll, Instagram Q&A, Linkedin Live video, etc. You can simply ask your followers what they would like to see more of and what would help them.

11. Invest more time in visual content

As mentioned, there are a lot of free options for visual content. Once you get more sophisticated on social media, you may want to spend additional time creating graphic elements such as GraphsOr higher production value videos, GIFs, or document posts on LinkedIn.

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12. Develop brand guidelines

As you continue to improve your social media presence, it can be helpful to gather some branding guidelines. This will help you, and everyone else posting, to make sure that every post aligns with your company’s goals. Jot down things like the font of the images, the colors of the images, the tone and style of the writing, call-to-action ideas, and hashtag ideas.

13. Engage in social listening

Social listening is the process of scanning social media platforms for information relevant to your company or industry in order to better understand your audience. There are some tools that can help you do that easily.

Social media tips

Social media tips for advanced marketers

14. Test new social media app updates

Both new apps and app updates provide new ways or ways to engage an entirely new audience. For example, consider uploading your law firm’s podcast or webinar recording to: Instagram TV (IGTV). You can even create a video checklist Tik Tok or host a room on club. The goal is to explore what’s new and not count anything out.

15. Expand your reach by collaborating with thought leaders

People trust their favorite subject matter experts. Research your industry and offer potential collaboration opportunities. When you produce content with each other, you will be exposed to their audience and vice versa. the win. Another tip: keep a close eye on social media influencers in your sector and see what best practices you can apply.

16. Go beyond syncing content across platforms

Once you’ve mastered posting content across all social channels, you can start diversifying and making sure your content is unique across platforms. All content should relate to your company’s goals and mission. Verify Guide for best practices.

17. Create timely content that resonates with people

Think outside the box about what’s happening in your industry (although you should create content around any important news there, too). You can create funny pictures or share pictures related to seasonality, holidays, etc.

18. Measuring social media key performance indicators (KPIs).

Make sure to improve your presence by constantly showing your performance across social channels. From there, you can try testing different post or landing page formats. Use the data available to you to create more compelling content. In this blog postIn this article, we review the valuable social media metrics that law firms must track.

19. Explore social media ads

If you want to speed up your social media marketing efforts and have the budget for it, it’s worth exploring Paid social ads. Social ads can be particularly effective because they are not annoying and look very similar to the organic content your audience is already scrolling through. It is also very targeted. Depending on the network, you can target your posts by location, company type, job title, demographics, and other criteria.

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20. Create multiple pages for each platform

As a law firm, you may provide your services to many different people masses. Consider creating multiple accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram to target each niche audience. So, for example, a page for job seekers only, or a page for specific sites.

21. Conducting an audit

Now that you know about social media, consider doing a social media audit. this Social media audit and analysis tool It will help you identify areas for improvement and improve your return on investment.


Social media is always changing, so even the most experienced law firm marketers may not be ahead across all platforms. We hope these 21 social media marketing tips will help you boost your law firm’s social media marketing strategy. When put into practice, it can help you outpace your competitors, grow your audience, increase awareness of your law firm, and generate new potential clients.

Updated and republished as of April 2, 2021.


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