Teenage witch Sabrina’s wife Nate Richert files for divorce after 4 years of marriage




“Sabrina the Teenage Witch” a star Nate Richer His wife resigned after four years of marriage.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Richert and his wife – Mallory Felt – filed a joint petition for “summary annulment” to end their marriage.

Interestingly, this is a different method for celebrity divorce than we are used to seeing, and in legal terms it is “a simpler way to end a marriage or domestic partnership for eligible and able-bodied couples.”


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The documents, filed today in Los Angeles courts, allege that the couple actually separated in April 2022. In the suit, Mallory says the couple have less than $47,000 in marital and community assets. She also says she currently lives in Colorado, while Richert lives in Burbank, California.

‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ star is filing jointly for divorce with his wife

Teenage witch Sabrina's wife Nate Richert files for divorce after 4 years of marriage


If you’re not a fan of the show, Nate is known to be starring alongside it Melissa Joan Hart In the classic TV show, where he played her boyfriend Harvey Kinkel. After its premiere in 1996, Richert became an instant teen darling. Fans of the show loved him because he was Sabrina’s sweet, oblivious boyfriend. K teenage Witch, She casts many spells on him during the first few seasons. In the fourth season, he discovers the truth, and the couple separates. Meanwhile, Richert left the show.

In fact, Melissa has grabbed some headlines in the past some days.

Reichert reportedly married model and actress Mallory Felt in 2019.

Nate Richert advocates working regular jobs while waiting for acting gigs

Teenage witch Sabrina's wife Nate Richert files for divorce after 4 years of marriage


In the months leading up to his marriage, the actor made headlines for defending another actor from “The Cosby Show” – Jeffrey Owens. A photo has gone viral of Owens working at Trader Joe’s after his famous appearance on Bill Cosby’s sitcom.

Nate Richer open He tweeted that he was currently working as a janitor, maintenance man and carpenter to pay the bills.

His tweets began: “I have been an actor for 32 years (I am very lucky to have had any success at all, let alone work hard in film and TV for 6 years (20 years ago)” and “I am currently a maintenance man, janitor, carpenter and doing any jobs Random I can get to pay the bills. I improvise and write songs to keep my sanity.”

Teenage witch Sabrina's wife Nate Richert files for divorce after 4 years of marriage


He continued, “Rarely do actors have job security or steady work, good health care, or a reasonable retirement. We’re actors anyway because it’s our core, for love and the need to bring the words on the page to life.” And to make you feel them (God, I love to make you laugh!) Not for the sake of fame, at least not in the traditional sense.

The good news is that the former couple’s separation seemed to be amicable and the divorce process should be smooth.

Now, you will only need to have it signed by the judge.


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