Yellowstone’s estranged wife Kevin Costner is demanding $46,000 a month – plus $129,000 – amid contentious divorce


Kevin CostnerSeparate wife Christine Baumgartner is reportedly asking for an additional $46,000 per month, as she claims the actor has “enough funds to pay his support as well as to pay attorneys’ fees and costs for both parties.”

Christine, 49, currently receives $129,000 a month, but has now claimed $175,057 a month in child support. The couple have engaged in a bitter battle since Kristen filed for divorce in May 2023. New legal documents claim that “forensics determined that the average cash flow (Kevin) available to support The bienniums 2021 and 2022 were $19,248,467 annually ($1,604,039 per month). Based on that cash flow, and a 50/50 parenting time sharing, the child support guideline, which is assumed to be correct under California law, is $175,057 per month.

Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner got married in 2004

“Christine is making this application in order to uphold these principles of family law and ensure that the parties’ three minor children will continue to benefit from the lifestyle made possible by Kevin’s large earnings and wealth,” the new documents continue, reporting that Kevin has “various accounts and entities” in total. $17,293,117 in cash equivalent as of June 30, 2023, giving him enough funds to pay his support and also to pay attorneys’ fees and costs for both parties.

Kevin and Christine married in 2004 and have three children: sons Kayden, 16, and Hayes, 14, and daughter Grace, 13.

Kevin denied having extramarital affairs

He also witnessed constant divorce Kevin, 68, denies allegations of extramarital affairs. Christine’s lawyers had previously requested any documents that disclose “expenses paid by you, or any person at your request or on your behalf, in connection with any extramarital romantic relationships.”

in response, Yellowstone The actor denied engaging in any “extramarital romantic affairs”, adding via his lawyer: “(Kevin) does not really know whether (Kristen) engaged in any ‘extramarital romantic affairs’ prior to the separation, and if so, what If she has spent any of his money or imposed any expenses for the furtherance of her affairs on the credit cards he has paid.”

Christine demands approximately $50,000 more per month

Christine, formerly the mother of three of Kevin’s seven children She accused her husband of “withholding evidence”. “Procrastination” and “evasiveness” when it comes to his financial affairs.

Kristen handbag designer She filed for divorce in early May after 18 years of marriage But the couple would clash repeatedly over the terms of their 2004 prenuptial agreement and child support payments.

John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, is preparing for a major makeover in the trailer for Season 5 of Yellowstone.

Besides the monthly child support payments, the prenuptial program also agrees that Christine will receive $1.5 million in the event of a divorce, except that she risks forfeiting the money by challenging the divorce settlement.

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