Axiom director Ince challenges SRA interference in the Supreme Court


Shyam Mistry denies knowledge of alleged wrongdoing in appeal against ‘strict’ suspension by regulator

Shyam Mistry, one of the three Axiom Ins partners who were removed from practice by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA), has challenged the regulator’s decision by applying to the Supreme Court.

SRA interfered with the exercise of rights Mistry earlier this month along with Managing Partner of Axiom Ince Pragnesh Modwadia and Ednan Liaquat – effectively suspended – for alleged violations of the Lawyers’ Code. All three deny any allegations of misconduct.

The regulator said at the time that it interfered with the individual practices of the trio and not with Axiom Inc, which it said “continues to trade in the normal course of business”.

Mistry instructed the professional organizing firm Bennett Breggal to file a case in the Supreme Court against the SRA and its intervention clients, the Gordons.

Speaking to the Global Legal Post, Paul Bennett, partner at Bennett Briegal, said Mistry had called on the SRA to withdraw its intervention against him personally and had applied to the High Court to “try to secure that given the draconian nature of the intervention and his denial of knowledge of the alleged wrongdoing”.

Bennett stressed that litigation was a basic legal safeguard available to his client; As the proceedings were at a very early stage, Mistry declined to comment in detail.

Bennett added that his client was “deeply shocked and disturbed by the intervention, has spoken with the SRA voluntarily following the intervention and is confident the Supreme Court process will shed light on the facts to ensure he can resume his career while he seeks to clear his name.” right on time.”

in Regulatory notice Posted August 14, the SRA said its arbitrator was “satisfied that grounds for interference” with Mistry’s practice existed on the basis that he “failed to comply with the rules under Sections 31 and 32” of the Solicitors Act 1974.

Mistry was Head of Personal Injury and Medical Negligence at Axiom Ince, which changed its name from Axion DWFM the following May. International shipping company Ince & Co out of management. The company also bought the defendant, the British national insurance company Plexus Law out of management in July.

Law Society Journal I reported earlier this week Axiom Ins has hired accounting firm BDO to investigate allegations of wrongdoing and will not accept new instructions while the investigation continues.

a company He told the Law Society newspaper on Wednesday (August 23) said that although it will continue to trade as normal in the short term, it “likely cannot continue in its current form,” meaning that parts of the company may be moved to different practices to provide for “continuity.” to clients.

Global Legal Post understands that potential purchasers of both companies’ components are in discussions with SRA and Axiom Ince via Axiom’s UK and international networks.

Mistry, Modwadia and Liaqat are still listed among the 16 directors of Axiom Ince. Mudwadia and Liaqat have been banned from practicing law by the SRA.


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