Joshua Lastine of Lastine Law shares his tips for artists as AI affects the music industry


Joshua Lastin

Posted on August 6, 2023 |
By guest editor

Entertainment attorney Joshua Lastin Lastine’s law He shares his insights into the field of music with Hype Magazine Including how AI innovation can impact business.

Tell us about the beginning of your career?

Currently, I am the CEO and Partner of Lastine Entertainment Law, a Beverly Hills-based entertainment and transactional law firm representing talent and creative studios. My passion for artistic expression and storytelling is in fact what has led me to the path I am on today. I’m from small town Iowa, but my dreams have always been much bigger than that. I’ve always had a deep love and passion for the creative arts, music, filmmaking, etc. And although I didn’t want to be creative myself, I knew I wanted to be part of the creative process early on. In college, I majored in economics but majored in creative writing. That’s a lot of what I do now – creative writing – where we write and draft contracts for creatives. In 2011 I came to Hollywood to pursue my passion for entertainment and storytelling. I attended Pepperdine Law School and started my career by getting a job licensing music for American Idol. I’ve always wanted to be a part of the creative process early on, so I interned at Discovery Network, Lionsgate and Marvel Studios. I had to build up my credentials and credentials, but by putting all my passions and efforts into the thing I love, it gave me the space and opportunity to work on several high-profile TV and film projects. That’s why I founded my own law firm, to make an Iowa kid’s big dreams come true.

What distinguishes Lastin’s law from other lawyers?

What sets us apart is our true passion for this craft. We are not just lawyers. We’re really passionate about storytelling, creative writing, the arts, and advancing technology in media. We exercise our interests, and our interests are our exercise. We enjoy working with innovative, diverse and fickle artists. We thrive on bringing unique insights to life and helping talented individuals make their mark in the world of entertainment. With our deep knowledge of the industry and personal approach, we provide the guidance and expertise you need to navigate the intricacies of entertainment law and emerge victorious. We want to redefine what it means to be an entertainment lawyer. We are working hard to upgrade our company’s brand so that we can create better opportunities for our customers. We aim to be an inspiration for serious artists!

What are the ways to work with clients in the music industry?

We have a wide range of clients in the music industry. We work with musicians, producers, musical theater artists, and any artist in the industry. Lastine Law can handle everything on an artist’s palette from venue contracts, review of merchandising agreements, talent representation agreements, managers, music licensing and copyright.

What are some of the biggest legal challenges artists face today?

As AI invents the world and moves at a rapid rate, artists run the risk of so-called similarity misappropriation. This is the word of a lawyer for using the appearance, pictures or voice of some people without their permission. Currently, there is no federal regulation or rights protecting an artist’s character from being created using artificial intelligence. So, this creates the biggest legal challenge for artists today, whose sound, voice and image are entirely their work. This is why, given the global nature of the Internet, it makes it difficult to monitor and enforce copyright laws against AI creations. But we will stand up to help artists with lawsuits, violations, and misappropriation.

You hear a lot about musicians struggling to get the same royalties they once did and how their earnings have been hurt by streaming services. What is your opinion in this?

Just as television killed the radio star, the advent of streaming services has dramatically changed the landscape of the music industry, affecting artists’ revenues and profits. For the consumer, the democratization of entertainment is great. Music is available and affordable. But when the market is saturated with talent, this democracy “devalues” artistic expression. Add to that new advances with AI, and it becomes increasingly difficult to monetize your creativity. Therefore, it is essential for musicians to create a “strong brand presence” by instilling a plan to monetize your creativity in the long term. This is accomplished by understanding broadcast agreements, negotiating fair terms, and exploring alternative revenue sources to limit and mitigate the financial impact of streaming services on music earnings. I think there should be a writers’ union for songwriters. I’d love to see more artists advocate for legislative changes. Collective bargaining efforts could help address the broader systemic issues surrounding broadcast royalties and ensure fair compensation for artists in the digital age (writers’ union perhaps?).

What advice would you give up-and-coming musicians to protect their work and put themselves in the best position to succeed in their music career?

Protect your work by copyrighting your work. You can educate yourself about copyright law, and you can form a business entity to prove ownership. But is there a surefire way to protect your creativity, preserve your voice, and set your career on the path to success? Consult an attorney to craft clear, enforceable contracts that protect your interests, property rights, and creative control when entering into agreements with industry professionals. And that’s what Lastine Entertainment does best: helping artists secure their creative heritage.

Where can our readers reach you?

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