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Governor Abbott signs 8 public safety bills into law


AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Gov. Abbott on Tuesday signed eight public safety bills into law in an effort to protect Texans.

The package of bills includes actions to ensure that Texas communities have the appropriate resources needed to support law enforcement, strengthen criminal penalties for growing categories of crimes, and hold what Abbott calls “rogue district attorneys” accountable.

“One thing we all agree on is providing resources that will make our communities safer, as well as support for our law enforcement in the state of Texas,” said Governor Abbott. Race. Law enforcement needs more and better tools to crack down on street racing in Texas communities. I will also sign a bill to deter catalytic converter theft, punish criminals who remove ankle monitors, and a law that puts violent offenders behind bars for longer “if they leave their victim permanently paralyzed or experience serious brain damage.” In addition, I will sign a law to provide support to law enforcement officers. in our rural areas.

Among those present at the bill signing ceremony were several senators including Carol Alvarado, Brian Birdwell, and Royce West, along with several public safety advocates such as CLEAT President Marvin Rials, CEO of the Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA). Kevin Lawrence and Texas DPS Director Steve Macro.

“We at CLEAT want to thank Governor Abbott for working with us and allowing us to present the working law enforcement officer side of the proposed legislation,” said CLEAT President, Ryals. “House Bill 17 begins the process of allowing the citizens of Texas the ability to hold accountable some of these out-of-control prosecutors for their willful and arrogant refusal to do their constitutional duty by enforcing the criminal laws of Texas.

TMPA Executive Director Kevin Lawrence echoed a similar sentiment, praising Governor Abbott for preserving a safer state.

“These bills address six different issues, but they all have the same net effect. They will make our citizens, our communities, and our country safer. Governor, we appreciate the fact that you are always working to ensure the safety of our officers, our citizens, and your number one priority,” Lawrence said.

The eight bills signed are as follows:

  • HP 17 Elected prosecutors are held accountable and it is forbidden to refuse to prosecute crimes
  • HP 28 Increasing the criminal penalty for aggravated assault from a felony of the second degree to a felony of the first degree if a deadly weapon was used and it caused injury to the brain or spine.
  • H.B 1442 – Deals with street racing and street takeover, giving law enforcement and prosecutors tools to go after perpetrators
  • HP 2899 Immediate removal of vehicles involved in street racing or reckless driving is permitted
  • Q22 – Increase the salaries of deans, prosecutors and their staff in order to hire more staff and purchase more necessary equipment
  • SP 840 Penalize violence against healthcare workers in the workplace by increasing the penalty from a first-degree misdemeanor to a third-degree felony if the victim is a hospital employee.
  • SP 1004 – Increases accountability of parolees who have ankle monitors by making it a state prison felony for anyone who tamperes with or removes the device
  • Q 224 The crime of theft of the catalytic converter is punishable by an increase


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