A runaway motorist causes a Sacramento motorcyclist to die


Fatal bike crash on MLK Jr. Street. Includes a runaway driver

A getaway driver was involved in a fatal bicycle crash in Sacramento on Aug. 28 in the South Oak Park area. The collision occurred while the woman was riding her bike on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard near 21st Avenue at approximately 2:00 a.m. Sacramento Police Department Officers performed CPR on the woman after finding her in serious shock, and fire department personnel declared her dead.

Investigative unit is looking for a getaway driver in a Sacramento bike fatality

the hit-and-run driver He fled the scene before the police arrived. However, the Police Department’s Major Collision Unit is investigating to locate the fleeing driver and determine how the accident occurred. The identity of the deceased woman has not been released, pending notification of the family by the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office.

Authorities are seeking information about the Sacramento bike crash

Those who have information about the killer bike Incidents are asked to call (916) 808-5471, the police dispatch center, or (916) 443-4357 (Crime Stoppers). Callers do not need to leave their names. Information may lead to a reward. Those calling in anonymously can also use the “P3 Tips” smartphone app.

Accidents leading to wrongful death

The family of a deceased loved one deserves justice for their loss. Lawyers working on Wrongful death claims Find out how the law works and what you and your family need. If you believe that the negligence of another person or entity contributed to the death of your loved one, you should talk to an injury attorney.

Negligence of drivers causes bicycle accidents

Injuries or deaths often result from bicycle accidents caused by negligent drivers. Bicycle accidents can occur for several reasons, such as speeding, distracted driving, running a red light or failing to yield. An attorney can investigate to determine fault in the accident.

Evidence collection

Injury attorneys investigate a case once they determine that another driver’s negligence may have contributed to the fatal Sacramento bike crash. As much evidence as possible will be collected during this process, including interviews with witnesses, as well as the following:

  • that Reconstruction of the accident An expert can help attorneys determine what happened after a fatal bicycle accident. Skid marks and other indicators of speed and direction can also be used by accident reconstructionists as indicators of blame.
  • The police report is reviewed to gather information and determine if there are errors.
  • region Surveillance Cameras Providing valuable evidence if fatal Sacramento bike crash is caught on tape.
  • The crash site is examined to look for tire marks and other evidence of whether the driver attempted to stop before the Sacramento bicycle crash occurred.

The evidence and testimonies from that investigation will then be used to establish a case against the driver who caused the fatal Sacramento bike accident.

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