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Learn about your time commitment

When searching for economics degrees online, ask yourself how much time you can devote to your homework, whether on a daily basis or over the long term. Your answers may help you narrow down the type of program that is most suitable for you.

For example, if you work during typical class hours or have an unpredictable schedule, prioritize programs with asynchronous course delivery. Asynchronous classes have no set meeting times, allowing you to view pre-recorded lectures, interact with discussion forums, and complete assignments at your convenience – as long as you meet course deadlines.

Online economics degree programs often allow registrants to attend part-time. For many working learners and students with family responsibilities, attending part-time can make it easier to keep up with life outside the classroom.

However, taking fewer classes per semester usually means spending more time in school overall. Students who want to graduate more quickly may prefer a full-time schedule. Some online programs offer accelerated tracks.

See accreditation

Make sure that any school you are considering has institutional accreditation. Colleges and universities obtain accreditation through a comprehensive peer-review process, demonstrating that they offer a high quality of curriculum, adequate student support resources, qualified teachers, stable infrastructure and financially responsible administration.

Entire colleges and universities can earn institutional accreditation. the presence of that accredited institution This is critical to qualifying for federal financial aid, transferring credit between schools and proving the value of your education to future employers.

Individual programs or departments within a university or college may seek programmatic accreditation, which varies in importance depending on the major.

There is no program accrediting body for economics, but there are some programs in business departments that may earn business program accreditation from the International Accreditation Council for Business Education, AACSB International, or the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

Use the Higher Education Accreditation Council Handbook To check the accreditation status of any school or program.

Think about your future goals

What are your plans after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in economics? Do you want to get a job right away, or apply to graduate school? If you are pursuing a master’s, doctoral or professional degree, what field would you like to study? Thinking about these questions can help you decide which online economics degree is right for you and whether you should pursue an undergraduate or bachelor’s degree.

An undergraduate economics degree is a versatile qualification that can open doors to careers in economics and many other fields. Look for programs with concentrations and class offerings in your areas of interest. For example, if you intend to Enrollment in the Faculty of LawYou might be looking for an economics program that focuses on pre-law. If you are pursuing a business career, a concentration in managerial economics may be a good fit for your needs.

Many schools recommend undergraduate programs for students who hope to study economics at the graduate level or enter quantitative fields such as data analysis. The Bachelor in Economics has a stronger focus on mathematics, statistics and econometrics.

If you plan to Apply to MBA programs Or pursuing a career in law or public policy, a bachelor’s degree may help you achieve your goals. With more liberal arts courses and fewer math requirements, undergraduate programs in economics balance quantitative skills with economic theory.


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