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A personal injury attorney in Southern California brings cases to trial as often as necessary



The law offices of Geoff Rill, APC, based in Newport Beach, Calif., want to indicate that Geoff Rill is willing to take the case to court, if necessary. This is what sets Attorney Real apart from other personal injury attorneys in Southern California. Not only does the company serve Newport Beach, but the various counties in the region, such as Orange County, San Diego County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County, and San Bernardino County. Very few personal injury attorneys in the area actually file lawsuits or actually know how or are equipped to be able to do so. More information on this can be obtained from

As of present time, Jeff Reel has filed many cases and knows exactly how to do it, which is why he has won more cases and bigger settlements. He says, “Dealing with an injury can be difficult, especially if it is due to someone else’s negligence or indifference. If you were hurt or someone, such as your landlord or property manager, failed to prevent your injury, you may have a personal injury claim. We have a skilled team of attorneys experienced in representing clients in the field of personal injury law.

The law firm is able to handle a wide range of personal injury cases, such as: car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, bicycle accidents, injuries resulting from product defects, motorcycle accidents, building liability cases, and wrongful death. For those injured in an accident, they recommend taking the following steps: seeking medical attention and treatment; collecting and documenting evidence; inform the insurance company; And contact a personal injury attorney. Those who want to know more about the law offices of Geoff Rill, APC can also check out their law offices linkedin page.

The amount of compensation that will be awarded to an accident injury victim depends on several factors. The court will consider all losses incurred by the victim and take them into account when determining the amount. Compensation received may include: medical bills, mental health care, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional or mental trauma, reduced quality of life, and decreased ability to earn an income. For more serious injuries, such as spinal cord injuries that may result in the accident victim being unable to work, this must also be considered.

“Having a knowledgeable attorney by your side can mean the difference between getting compensation for your injuries and having to pay all of your medical costs out of pocket,” says Jeff Reel. “The trial attorney from our firm can advocate for you and help you navigate all the nuances of California law in terms of Relevance to personal injury cases Many people do not know how to negotiate a settlement and end up accepting the first offer from the insurance agency Regardless, if you prefer to settle your case out of court, a trial attorney will be able to assist in negotiating with each of the insurance agencies , as well as a competing attorney.

Jeff Real of the law offices of Jeff Real, APC, has been a personal injury attorney since 2010 and has gained significant jury trial experience and has successfully completed numerous personal injury jury trials in Newport Beach and the surrounding areas. The Orange County Trial Attorneys Association named him its 2020 Young Gun Trial Lawyer of the Year award. In 2022, he became a member of the prestigious American Board of Trial Attorneys (ABOTA), which is made up of civil trial attorneys who have tried at least 10 trials before Jury verdict as lead attorney. Jeff Riel is authorized to practice law in the US District Court for the Central and Southern Districts and in all courts of the state of California. He was also awarded a Rising Star Award from Super Lawyers in 2017 and has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Personal Injury Lawyers Under 40 in Southern California.

Those interested in learning more about the personal injury law services offered by the law firms of Jeff Reel can check out their website at Or contact them via phone or e-mail.


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