The harsh six-word sentence that Charles said to Princess Diana before their acrimonious divorce


Princess Diana struggled to adjust to the company, unlike her sister-in-law Sarah Ferguson who was a “proper country girl” – Charles, who at the time was just a prince, made a scathing comment at the time

Princess Diana and Charles in 1983(Getty Images)

Princess Diana And Charles The divorce shocked the world, including details that kept coming out surrounding their messy breakup.

Diana struggled to adjust to the company, unlike her sister-in-law Sarah Ferguson. As a “proper country girl”, she had much in common with her new in-laws including a passion for animals, skiing and horseback riding. And it wasn’t long before people started to compare the two women, with a brief comment from Prince Charles highlighting the bad.

Speaking previously on Channel 5’s Fergie Vs Diana: Royal Wives at War, royal expert Jenny Bond said: “She fitted in really well. Fergie really threw herself into family life. Diana is often seen as a bit moody, and Fergie was Also, the cheerful, playful girl who was a breath of fresh air in the family.”

Princess Diana with Sarah Ferguson while skiing in Switzerland in 1988(sigma via Getty Images)

Aware of the differences between his wife and his brother’s other half, Prince Andrew, Charles one day reportedly asked Diana why she wasn’t like Fergie, Duchess of York.

Psychologist Jo Hemmings told the documentary: “There was a moment when Charles said to Diana, ‘Why can’t you be like Fergie?'” For someone who has very low self-esteem already, and feels very vulnerable. That was “not just a response. That would have been one of the most hurtful statements her husband could have said to her.”

Before tensions between the two women began to mount, they were very close friends and it was Diana who set Fergie and Andrew up.

But long before that, Diana tried to bring Sarah into the fold by asking the royals if she could be her maid of honor — an honor that falls somewhere between confidant and personal assistant. However, members of the royal family refused Diana’s request, saying that Sarah was not suitable.


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