A woman is distraught after she caught her husband kissing her sister-in-law


woman on reddit She is ready to leave her marriage after her husband drunkenly kisses her sister-in-law.

“It’s so messy. My husband kissed my brother’s wife two nights ago while they were both incredibly drunk. My brother is (was) my husband’s best friend. My husband also works for my brother. We’ve been married for 4 years but together for 9 years,” she wrote.

The woman said her 11-year-old niece “caught them in the middle of a kiss” and that she didn’t know “if things would have gone any further had they not been caught”.

“(The brother) tends to think this was a one-time failure. I don’t know what to believe. My husband cheated on me early in our relationship, about a year later. We got over it but now I feel it.” The woman continued, “Stupid and I wonder if he’s just a cheater and that’s his pattern.” reddit.

Meanwhile, the woman’s husband did not necessarily apologize, although he admitted that he had “had sex”.

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“He gave up all his alcohol when I said if we stay together it’s one of my conditions. He has a history of alcohol abuse. He scheduled an STD test, again, at my request and he banned my sister-in-law from everything.”

The woman is also concerned about her husband’s job, as her brother has yet to fire him, but she knows things will be “awkward and different”.

“My friendship with my sister-in-law ended. I’m still dealing with my feelings 8 years after the first betrayal. I don’t know if I’ll have the power to do that hard work again. I love him and I deserve so much better,” she shared.

In a later update, the woman revealed that she sat with her husband and “told him I didn’t want to work things out.”

She explained, “He has agreed to work things out amicably in terms of finances and putting things in order while also saving for a move out. We don’t share children but we do have children who will be hurt by the separation.”

“I don’t hate him or her. I honestly feel sad and disgusted. I’m not angry anymore. At least for now. I imagine my feelings will be different as I grieve the loss of my partner.” The woman concluded.

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Users in the comments tried to offer words of encouragement, with many agreeing that she should get a divorce.

One user wrote: “Oh, that sounds really painful. Your love and loyalty deserve better.. He has to do some serious work on himself so you can forgive him again.”

“I’m so sorry for what happened to you. The betrayal goes much deeper because it’s all about family. That alone would be enough to make me give up, one kiss drunk or not,” commented another reader.

“I suppose you know what to do, but I think someone should say this… Since it was your niece who found them, I will ask your brother to sit down with her and explain to him any consequences” in your relationship with your husband that are not her fault at all. The poor girl has been put in a horrible situation and I think this might help her to some extent to cope with this,” advised another person.

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