Kim Zolciak’s Husband Kryo Biermann Admits They’re Having ‘Tough’ Money and Must Sell $3 Million Home Immediately Amid Divorce


Former Bravo star Kroy Biermann has filed legal papers seeking permission to sell his and Kim Zolciak’s mansion in Georgia.

the previous-NFL The star pleaded with the judge, claiming he was facing major financial problems.

Kroy Biermann pleads with judge to let him sell his $3 million mansion amid his divorce from Kim ZolciakCredit: Getty
The former NFL star claims his estranged wife left him with major financial problemsCredit: Getty

Croy, 37, submitted papers on Thursday, requesting the judge’s permission to sell the house quickly, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. TMZ.

He requested an emergency hearing to allow the sale of the $3 million pad, which… Kim45, and a joint spherical with their six children.

According to the outlet, home sale Croy could help cover what he described as “significant debt” that has accumulated over the years.

He said through his lawyer, Marlys A. Bergstrom it is though “financial devastation” Kim brought it into the family, and continued to make monthly payments on the house to avoid an auction.

But he claims it wasn’t easy.

The Don’t Be Tardy graduate revealed in his filing that he sold some of his personal possessions to help raise enough cash to cover his mortgage payments and avoid… Foreclosure auction Earlier this year.

He sold backpacks and other personal items, and even asked Kim to sell the purses in her collection.

However, Kroy noted that she refused to give away the bags but did sell some items.

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“Ironically, she was selling purses, her own clothes, her daughters, and other high-fashion items, including her infamous wigs,” he noted in his filing.

“However, none of the money earned from the sale of these items was directed toward the mortgage or any other bills.”

Kroy revealed that he was unable to make the July payments on the house and is once again in danger of foreclosing on the house.

He wants to sell his $3 million Georgia mansion quickly because he can no longer afford itCredit: Mega Agency

It’s over again

The athlete Submit a request for divorce from ex The Real Housewives of Atlanta Kim stars for the second time on August 24.

He had previously accused her of that Gambling addiction.

The alleged addiction is what led to their eventual death.

In his divorce papers, Kroy claimed that his marriage to Kim was “irretrievably broken.”

He reportedly plans to get sole physical custody of the four children he and Kim share.

He is also asking for alimony.

Croy asked to use the marital home in his filing as well.

They are in the beginning They filed for divorce from each other In May, at which time Kim accused him of smoking marijuana.

he Clap againClaiming that she suffers from a serious gambling problem.

At the time, it was discovered that Kim and Kroy owed the IRS more than $1 million.

get ugly

Kim and Kroy continued to share their marital home while going through their first divorce proceedings.

they Divorce documents withdrawn In July, leaving fans in shock.

Shortly after the lawsuit was dropped, they reportedly stopped speaking to each other while living in the same house.

Kim continued to live in her part of the house and the duo only communicated through lawyers.

“They hate each other. It’s very controversial,” an insider told TMZ at the time.

In the lead-up to the decision to withdraw their divorce filing, Kim and Kroy appeared to be working things out.

They have been seen attending church together on multiple occasions.

Kroy filed for divorce from Kim for the second time on August 24Credit: Getty
The couple initially announced their resignation in May, then called off the split in JulyCredit: Getty
Kroy claims that Kim is addicted to gambling and is seeking custody of their childrenCredit: Getty


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