How to craft a memorable holiday card for a law firm


The holiday season is approaching faster than we realize, and with it comes the annual tradition of sending holiday cards. The way we approach holiday cards has changed today, offering more creative and effective ways to communicate and spread festive cheer via email. The challenge facing law firms? Making sure your card stands out in the digital deluge. Here’s how.

Why do holiday cards still matter?
Holiday cards are an essential point of contact with your customers, prospects, and other key stakeholders. While their essence remains, the mediums and messages have evolved. Electronic cards have become the go-to solution for many, as they are cost-effective and easily distributable, especially in a world where remote work has become commonplace. The challenge is not to send the card, but rather to create a card that resonates.

Craft the perfect menu
Before diving into card creation, make sure your distribution list is up to date. Dividing your list into categories—existing customers, former customers, prospects, recruiters, alumni, and other relevant groups—will ensure that your message hits the mark. Take advantage of your CRM system to streamline this process and always keep your contact list up to date. If you need help with this, contact our data quality and CRM experts at Customer consulting first.

Customize your message
E-cards provide a unique opportunity to extend well wishes and offer a glimpse into the heart of your organization. As you craft this year’s holiday message, tap into your team’s insights and contributions. This not only shows the true spirit and collaboration behind your law firm’s success, but also helps reinforce the connections and trust you’ve built with clients over the course of the year. Remember, a well-thought-out salutation can resonate deeply, reminding recipients of the shared values ​​and relationships that bind us, even in a professional setting.

  • Employee participation: Have your team share and collect their favorite holiday recipes in a digital recipe book.
  • Children’s creations: Engage the younger generation by displaying children’s drawings that depict their interpretations of the holidays.
  • Capture special moments: Share photos of your employees’ cherished holiday memories or traditions.
  • Merge pets: Add some cuteness by showing off the employees’ pets dressed up for the holidays or have some fun with the ugly sweater look.
  • Repeat: Highlighting charitable donations and community involvement can resonate with your customers, reflecting your company’s values ​​and commitment to giving back.
  • Themed clothing day: Host an “Ugly Sweater” or “Festive Suit” day at the office and capture candid moments of employees in their holiday-themed outfits.
  • Interactive features: Create a digital card with clickable sections, perhaps leading to different festive greetings, an animated snowfall, or an interactive jigsaw puzzle made from a company group photo.
  • musical momentsCompile short videos of employees sharing their favorite holiday songs or even performing carols. A festive playlist your team puts together can also be a fun addition.
  • Global celebrations: With a diverse team, show how holidays are celebrated in different cultures. Employees can share a unique tradition or celebratory saying from their culture.
  • Travel back in time: Include a throwback section with old holiday photos of old senior partners or employees – a fun way to see holiday patterns through the decades!
  • Environmentally friendly focusEmphasize sustainability with a display of recycled materials, or tips for an eco-friendly holiday season, demonstrating your company’s commitment to the environment.
  • Book recommendationsShare a list of the best holiday reads or movies your employees have recommended for warm winter nights.
  • Holiday HacksEmployees can share their best tips for de-stressing during the holiday, DIY decorations or creative gift-wrapping techniques.
  • Craft cornerHighlight holiday crafts or decorating tutorials made by your team, providing a fun and engaging activity for customers and their families.

Stand out in the crowd
The goal is to be authentic and memorable. Avoid clichéd vacation photos. Instead, focus on the originality and unique attributes of your organization. This softer, more personal content not only humanizes your brand, but also provides a refreshing break from your regular promotional content.

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  1. Digital is king: E-cards are a cost-effective and straightforward way to spread holiday cheer, especially in today’s age of remote work.
  2. Divide and simplify: Categorize your contacts and use customer relationship management (CRM) systems to ensure that your distribution list is always up to date.
  3. customize, customize, customize: Involving your employees, their families, and even pets can add a unique and memorable touch to your holiday greetings.
  4. stand out: Avoid generic photos. Focus on truly personal touches that showcase your organization’s unique character.
  5. Spread the word: Don’t limit your holiday card to email. Share it on your website, social media channels and other platforms to maximize its reach.

The holiday season is a time for reflection, gratitude, and connection. Your holiday card is more than just a tradition, it’s an opportunity to strengthen your relationships and showcase what makes your organization special.


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