The SEO guide to optimizing your Google Publisher Center account


You see Google News roofs every day. Top stories carousel, Google News tab, site or app. But how do you consistently display your content on these surfaces?

There is no single silver bullet for Google news optimization.

But your content won’t reach its full potential across Google News decks unless it’s supported by a well-optimized Google Publisher Center account.

in this advanced Search Engine Optimization guide, you should already have an existing Publisher Center account. If not, don’t worry. You can learn how to set up your account right the first time.

Let’s dive into the intricate details of configuring the Google Publisher Center To amplify your articles and videos on the rooftops of Google News.

Google Publisher Center settings

Google clearly didn’t put their best UI designer into the Publisher Center project.

To access basic setup, scroll down to the base of your Publisher Center home page More options to divide.

tap on Manage your post and your organization down arrow and Modify post settings.

Post settings

Google Publisher Center settings

Make sure the post name is the official brand name. Not “BrandName Blog” or “BrandName Magazine”.

When you create a post, you have an opportunity to confirm key facts about your brand.

This can help strengthen your Brand entity in the knowledge graphGoogle’s database of understandable things.

But if you’re not using the official brand name, Google may have a hard time connecting the two.

Facts you can confirm include:

  • Geographical target with the country.
  • Language your audience with the primary language.
  • parent organization. If relevant, make sure the name of your parent company also uses its official brand name.
  • The primary domain contains a verified base URL and sharing partner relationships with additional URLs.
  • Visual brand identity with logos. Connect the official logo (upload light and dark variants and use a transparent background) and the square variant, making sure it matches what is used in social media profiles and app icons. Google’s size and shape “recommendations” should be interpreted as instructions.

lines These are just branding decisions, and will not impact your brand entity in the knowledge graph or content visibility across Google News decks.

content labels

Content label

back to More options Section, you will see Add content labels.

Google offers five classifications that can be assigned either site-wide or to a specific section of the site.

Use it for sarcastic opinion or content. This can help Google classify and apply correctly food Content pieces flags, which, if set authentically, have the potential to boost visibility.

In the case of press releases, blogs, and user-generated content, this increased understanding may be mirrored on Google News surfaces. Test it if you think systemically. Otherwise, I would steer clear of these three labels.

In addition to these basic settings, Publisher Center offers up to three products:

  • Google News Publications.
  • Reader Revenue Manager.
  • News Gallery.

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Improved Google News publishing

A Google News publication officially submits your content to the Google News roofs. The choices you make during setup can greatly affect performance.


Google news settings

The Posts category provides another opportunity to inform Google’s Knowledge Graph.

You can also limit distribution to a specific country or Google property, although this is not recommended if your goal is exposure.


Google News settings sections

Sections will appear as tabs in your Google News app post.

At the very least, you should have two sections:

If you’re not posting in a video format, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to reach your audience.

To achieve the highest level of visibility, show the full extent of your content coverage by:

  • Set up a section to go with each of the main categories of your website. This highlights readers and Google on the topics covered.
  • Having at least one of these sections designed for local news to gain access to exclusive local placements.
  • Adding sections for popular topics that are expected to last a long time.
  • including personalized feed to divide.

Once you have all these sections set up, drag and drop them in the optimal order.

Google News - Website vs. Feed

For article sections, the main question is whether they will be used website or feed.

If you have development resources available, the answer is nutrition. Why?

  • The feed gives you the ability to select which articles are included. You may want to exclude sponsored content or specific sharing partners. It also allows you to manually delete an article in the Google Publisher Center admin interface or trigger a manual update.
  • As for websites, the ranking of articles is determined by Google ranking. With Feed, you control demand. You can appear at the top of the newest, most popular, or the ones with the highest engagement.
  • Websites can only display content after it has been indexed by Google. google bot Fetches feed content about every 30 minutes – or instantly if you’re using Websub. This makes Google News Feeds a powerful tool for Improved crawling.

Submit your developer Google technical documentation. Be sure to Nutrition validation before submitting it to Google News.

Google news followers

One Google News feature that’s not often exploited is the ability for your audience to follow your post.

Google news followers

Google does not currently offer an API to allow readers to follow your post directly on the site. But drawing a simple Google News follow button attached to your post URL will increase followers.

It can also be promoted through other marketing channels, such as social media posts, email newsletter banners, push notifications, or even CPC if you want to double up on Google News as a channel.

This “featured newsletter” greatly increases the chance of your content being featured in custom placements on Google News.

This can lead to higher click-through rates, which affects the algorithm to show content to new readers who might not otherwise have discovered it.

Reader retention is supported as increasing your audience reach on Google Surfaces will build more loyal readers.

Boost your Google News visibility with an enhanced Publisher Center account

Installing the Google Publisher Center setting is necessary to appear in Google News.

Ensuring the right settings and building a solid following will give your articles and videos the best chance in the world of exciting content.

And as an added bonus, it helps establish your brand entity in the Google Knowledge Graph.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here.


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