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“Enough is enough.” Victim advocates, business owners, law enforcement, and officials rally against crime


SACRAMENTO — Today, Republican lawmakers, business owners, crime victim advocates, and law enforcement officials convened a rally at the state capitol to demand an end to dangerous policies that have made communities across the state less safe. The rally was organized a day before the Appropriations Committee’s “pending hearing” in which a number of bills affecting public safety will come to a vote or take place for the year.

Enough is enough – the legislature needs to stop justifying and enabling the crime wave that is turning people across the state into victims,” He said Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher.Provisions committee members have a choice: Double down on the pro-crime policies that got us into this mess or protect law-abiding Californians. I hope they make the right decision“.

Speakers, including survivors of trafficking Dominic Brown, from Break the ChainsHe called on the committee to develop Article 14, which would make human trafficking of a minor a serious offence, without diluting it with unnecessary amendments.

SB 14 is a critical step to protect children and youth from the horrors of human trafficking,” He said brown. “I hope that the passage of Sharjah Biennial 14 will serve as a lasting statement that God’s children are not for sale.

Attendees also rallied to stop SB 553, which puts business owners on the front lines of fighting crime and retail theft.

Every business owner here has worked hard to achieve the American dream. We create jobs, pay taxes and serve our communities,” He said Jaskaran Sahota of JKSD Gas and Mini Mart. “But at every turn, California seems to be making things more difficult. We should be supported by our leaders, not the criminals who make it hard to stay in business.

California has become increasingly lawless as a result of bad public policy decisions that have primarily decriminalized property crimes and drug use.,” He said El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pearson. “It is time for Sacramento to start holding criminals accountable for the harm they do to innocent Californians“.

Finally, advocates and lawmakers have spoken out against SB 94, which would allow parole for people sentenced to life in prison, SB 81, which encourages early release policies, and ACA 4, which would allow felons to vote from behind bars.

Bills such as ACA 4, SB 81, and SB 94 are dangerous and misguided attempts to grant additional rights and privileges to some of the most egregious criminals imaginable.” He said Nina Salarno-Bessellmann, President, Victims of Crime United. “If these bills pass, legislators will send the message that the interests of the criminals are more important than the suffering of the victims.

Californians are tired of Sacramento politicians prioritizing criminals over victims,” He said name. Josh Hoover (R-Folsom).). “I want California to be a place where people move to raise a family, not a place where people flee in search of a better life. And to make this future a reality, the legislature must reject these bills that make our communities less safe.

A father should not keep fighting to see his children protected from violence,” He said Ryan Strange, whose daughter, Rayla, was killed. “Our laws should work to keep innocent Californians safe, not the other way around. Lawmakers need to make keeping children safe a priority“.

Hundreds of business owners from across the state also attended the event, including Paramjeet Khera of Sac Valley Truck Station, Wheatland, California Police Chief Brian Whitmer, Valori Ingbritsen, mother of a murder victim, and Sutter Karm Pines County Sheriff, Yuba County. Attorney Clint Curry and Republican lawmakers including: Asim. Juan Alanis (Modesto), name. Megan Dahlei (Pepper), Senator Brian Dahlei (Paper), Laurie Davies (Laguna Niguel), Asm. Diane Dixon (Newport Beach), alias. Heath Flora (Ludi), noun. Tom Lucky (Palmdale), noun. Jim Patterson (Fresno), noun. Joe Patterson (Rocklin), noun. Tri Ta (Westminster), noun. Greg Wallis (Bermuda Dunes).

Video from the live broadcast of the event is available here.

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