Donald Trump’s attorney, ex-lawyer, judge, and man who stole millions while inside a maximum security prison


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Donald Trump Recently hired Steve Sadow — noted an Atlanta criminal defense attorney — after the shooting Drew Findling – Also noted Atlanta criminal defense attorney – for representing the Georgia RICO trial overseen by Judge Scott McAfee. But Sadow, Findling, and McAfee all play lead roles in an entirely different matter: the story of a man who stole millions from billionaires while sitting inside a maximum security prison.

This is quite an achievement. If Trump hopes to win office from prison, he may have found a new role model here.

Charles Bethea from The New Yorker Interesting long story about Arthur CofieldA 16-year-old Georgia inmate was charged with armed robbery after ramming a bank with $2,600 at gunpoint and was arrested almost immediately. Cofield received a 14-year prison sentence for this bumbling attempt, and proceeded to work at the Crime-Ending School, the American prison system.

He’s become a much better thief on the inside.

Using smuggled cell phones and outside accomplices, Coffield was able to convince financial institutions to transfer huge sums of money from billionaires’ accounts. Here is one story – the one that first brought Trump’s current judge into the case when McAfee was the Australian agent in the case.

After identifying the potential suspect in Georgia, the Secret Service referred the case to Scott McAfee, the assistant US attorney for the state’s Northern District. In August 2020, brokerage firm Charles Schwab contacted an investigator for McAfee. Two people, working in tandem, successfully impersonate ninety-five-year-old Hollywood producer and clothing designer Sidney Kimmel and his wife, Caroline Davis. Kimmel, who recently produced the movie “Crazy rich asiansHe reportedly has a net worth of about $1.5 billion and has several accounts with Schwab. Cofield created an online brokerage account in Kimmel’s name, then called it Schwab, claiming to be Kimmel, in order to link the new account to a checking account. Over the phone He provided Kimmel’s Social Security number, his mother’s maiden name, his date of birth, and his home address. Three days later, someone claiming to be Kimmel’s wife called Schwab and asked about making a bank transfer. Half an hour later, Coffield provided a signed form authorizing such a transfer. The transfer was in the amount of eleven million dollars, which was used to purchase gold coins.

And this is just one of the stories. We don’t get into murder allegations, architecture geeks, or late-night gold rushes on the tarmac.

When the authorities found out what was going on, Cofield hired Sado and Findling, bringing all the characters in the Trump case together into one story.

It usually happens that you become a criminal mastermind before you go to prison. The entire article reads like Scarface meets Benjamin Button.

How a man in prison stole millions from billionaires (New Yorker)

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