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Our Family Law Solicitors in Sunderland have extensive experience in all aspects of family law, with a focus on solving challenging problems Financial Difficulties and protection children Well-being during a divorce or separation. Our family law team provides sensitive legal services to help you through this very difficult moment in your life.

Sunderland Solicitors for Family Law

In Sunderland, our team of family solicitors are exceptionally competent in tackling the complex challenges that often arise in the area of ​​family legal matters. Whether the situation involves complex financial scenarios or child custody arrangements, the overriding goal at Stowe Family Law is to collaboratively plan a solution. Our unwavering commitment to prioritizing the satisfaction and well-being of our customers forms the basis of our tailor-made approach to service delivery.

In the North East, and particularly in Sunderland, our clients confidently turn to Stowe Family Law for highly specialized advice. Our clients are diverse, including families with working parents, home-based caregivers, and those with significant wealth and assets. No matter the unique context, our commitment remains resolute: to provide personalized assistance that is as exceptional as the families we serve.

Experts in family law

Led by the Regional Director Rachel Robertsmanaging partner Sarah Bar Youngand co-leader of the team Nikki HunterOur commitment is to provide the most accurate and effective legal advice in Sunderland. We achieve this by seamlessly combining our deep legal acumen with a genuine sense of empathy and unwavering concern for the client. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your legal journey is not only well-targeted, but also considers your unique circumstances.

To simplify the process and reduce lengthy procedures, we advocate for out-of-court settlements whenever possible. However, we are aware of the fact that such decisions are not always possible. In cases where litigation becomes necessary to achieve a fair resolution, rest assured, our team has extensive experience handling the complexities of a courtroom. We deeply understand the depth of legal expertise required to guide you and your family through these very difficult times.

As a family law firm with local foundations, our approach revolves around tailoring legal strategies and advice to precisely match each client’s unique requirements. From the beginning to the end of your legal journey, we provide comprehensive support covering the practical, emotional and legal dimensions of divorce and various forms of separation. It is important to note that our family law practice is strictly monitored by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority, which ensures that our services adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct and ethical practice.

Protect your financial situation

To ensure an ideal financial settlement, our in-house accounting team at Stowe Family Law will provide you with a comprehensive valuation of your marital assets. Our competence extends to tax, property valuations, valuations, accounting and pension valuations. If you are seeking formal assistance with a family law concern, contact the most important family law authorities in Sunderland. Our skilled family law firm offers full legal guidance throughout Tyne and Wear and its vicinity.


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