Britney Spears is approaching a former housekeeper with a criminal past after her husband, Sam Asghari, files for divorce


Britney Spears has approached her former housekeeper after her sudden split from husband Sam Asghari.

The 41-year-old pop princess is said to be being comforted by a former member of her staff who allegedly has a checkered criminal past.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari split just 14 months after their star-studded weddingCredit: AFP
The pop singer was spotted at Starbucks with a mysterious man in CalabasasCredit: X17Online.com

a source said Page six Paul Richard Soules, 37, gave the singer a shoulder to cry on after model and actor Asghari filed for divorce.

The insider claimed that the pair “formed a close bond” after “spending time” together since Britney’s explosive split.

But the source said they were “concerned” about their closeness and claimed Soliz had an extensive history.

The former housekeeper is said to have crossed paths for the first time with Britney about a year ago.

The source said he was hired to “clean the toilets, mop the floors and pick up the trash” at her massive $7.9 million mansion.

An insider told Page Six that Soules was later fired from his job, but that mom-of-two Britney still spends time with him.

And the pop star is “not trying to hide her new friendship” even though it comes against the backdrop of her dramatic breakup with Asgari.

The source claimed that Soliz was hired for the role without Britney’s camp running a background check.

According to Page Six, the screening process would have revealed his “extensive” criminal past which they discovered by digging through legal records.

Court documents released in April 2014 purportedly show Soliz was found guilty of one count of disturbing the peace.

He was also charged with child endangerment, but that charge was dismissed under a plea bargain.

Page Six alleged that he also found himself in a difficult position with law enforcement two years later.

In 2016, Soliz was convicted of driving without a license, but the charge was dropped due to another plea agreement.

And last December – during the time he was working for Britney – he was reported to have been convicted of a firearm offense.

The revelation comes just days after Britney was spotted spending time with a mysterious man in Calabasas. Los Angeles.

The toxic singer was behind the wheel when she took her boyfriend to the Starbucks van for a few drinks.

After grabbing her cups and snacks, Britney pulled into the parking lot to take a phone call while looking down on her passenger, who was wearing a San Francisco Giants baseball cap.

He dabbed sunscreen in the car while appearing to bow his head as he sat next to the star in the crowded parking lot.

It’s not clear if Soules was the man riding shotgun in Britney’s white Mercedes-Benz.

the MississippiThe born singer was reportedly caught cheating by her husband Asghari with a staff member at their home, it was reported. TMZ.

The outlet wrote that Britney “engaged in other inappropriate sexual behavior as well.”

Sources with direct knowledge shared: “Sam claimed that Britney asked at least one of the employees to shoot a nude video of her.

“Not only that, but we are told that Sam believes she has contacted at least one of the male staff who works in her home.”

Sources said there was footage of Britney and the employee together in a “compromising position”.

Sam filed for divorce last week after only 14 months of tying the knot.

The US Sun previously reported that Sam is looking forward to competing for their prenuptial.

He had already asked for spousal support and legal fees in his initial divorce application, while some believe he hoped to receive significant damages in addition.

If she refused his requests, sources close to Sam claimed he could reveal “deeply embarrassing” secrets from her.

However, a source close to Britney said: ‘Britney has been pressured by men her whole life. She’s not going to let that happen again.

“There’s been one heartbreak after another in her life, but she’s not going to use this time.”

The insider concluded: “She will fight for what is rightfully hers if it comes to that.”

This week, a source EXCLUSIVELY told The US Sun what they believe is the reason behind Britney and Sam’s split.

An insider of the couple claimed: “The truth is that Sam was like a psychiatrist for her, and her therapist was helping her after she got out of her father’s grasp.”

Guardianship of Britney ended on November 12, 2021, and the pop star married Sam on June 9, 2022.

Britney has reportedly been spending time with her former housekeeperCredit: Getty
Sam has filed for divorce from the 41-year-old singerCredit: Getty


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