5 Ways to Dominate Your Industry in 2023: From Local SEO to Market Segmentation


A business area is a specialized area or focus in a broader market that your brand specifically serves. Finding a niche in the market differentiates your business from the competition and allows you to excel in your sector.

However, it is more important to take control of your business by excelling as a dedicated leader rather than worrying about eliminating or beating your competitors. Simply put, it’s easier to dominate your industry than to compete in it.

So, here are five ways you can dominate your industry in 2023:

Use hyper local SEO

Hyper local search engine optimization (SEO) is when a company uses keywords and search terms to improve its online presence to attract local customers in a specific geographic area such as a town or street. This increases local traffic and footfall.

Companies should use Super local SEO To simplify the search journey for consumers and get a high ranking on Google, which makes them stand out from competitors.

When someone searches for “restaurants in…” or “restaurants near me,” Google rewards sites that perform highly local SEO by highlighting them on Google Maps, including in external listings, and ranking well.

Here is an example of restaurants in Selby that rank well in terms of local SEO.

Local search engine optimization

Be results driven

It is not wise to leave anything to chance, so base your marketing strategy around your desired results. Most businesses are results driven, but if you want to dominate your industry, focus on achieving customer driven results.

By aligning your company’s decisions with the needs of your target audience, your profits will speak for themselves. If your marketing campaign isn’t resonating with your target market, ask yourself these questions:

  • What social media channels do your customers enjoy interacting with you on?
  • What products or services could make your customers’ lives easier?
  • Which email notifications or offers drive the most traffic to your app or website?
  • What returns and complaints have you received from customers?

Matt Smith, Founder Matt Smith Consulting“Be addicted and obsessed with achieving results,” he said. Like a possessed madman, you leave nothing to chance. Every word, image and detail must be tested with the precision of a heat-seeking missile mounted on its target.

Be visible everywhere

You must ensure that if a consumer searches for you or your niche, you will appear on the first, second or third pages of Google. If your business is hidden on the internet, you will never dominate your field, as it will be easier to find your competitors.

Below is an example of businesses that dominate the niche market for custom pet supplies, not including those that have paid for sponsorships on Google.

Not only do you have to be visible on the search engine, you need to be visible everywhere else, especially on social media (if your target audience is using it). You should post content every hour, not just twice a day, and pay attention to all channels, not just Facebook.

Better yet, why not increase your visibility on competitor sites as well? Try to create partnerships between yourself and competing brands in the form of guest posts and link placements. A great way to do this is to hire Guest blogging agency To create a content campaign for you.

You have to be ruthless with brand awareness, although some people may not like it and it can lead to losing followers or subscribers but it doesn’t matter!

Make competition a good thing

Competition in your niche and industry can be a good thing because it confirms that you are in a viable market and that people are interested in the products or services that you and your competitors offer.

Understanding and analyzing your competitors is also a great way to learn how to improve your brand and dominate your niche.

Here are some things you should know about your competitors:

  • What they are good at. If you haven’t already, you should adopt these pros because they work well for clients within your niche.
  • What they are not good at. Can you do these things better or avoid making the same mistakes?
  • What gaps are there in the products or services they offer? If your competitor is another online clothing retailer that doesn’t sell petite or plus-size clothing, you should sell to attract a wider audience and impress the market you’ve missed out on.
  • What customers like or don’t like. You can check customer reviews and social media comments from their customers, which can also be your target audience.
  • Where they are ranked on Google. If they rank higher than you on Google, it means they have implemented better SEO practices. This means that you have to take the time to go through keywords, links, titles, and images.

Remember, this also means that your competitors will be watching your every move and analyzing your strategies.

Segment your market

Market segmentation is essential in a content marketing campaign, as one size never fits all.

You must segment your audience and create highly targeted content and experiences for each segment. This increases the chances of your business getting more interaction from others in your field.

Becky Gaylor, Head of Sales at Ment.ioHe said, “Segment your target market and fine-tune your marketing efforts. Make sure you serve each audience individually at such length that they can relate to it.

Here are four common types of market segmentation:

  • demographic segmentation It is segmenting your customers into groups based on their demographic information. These are the most popular because they are an easy and reliable way to segment customers.
  • Geographic segmentation Divides your customers into groups based on where they are located and the situation there.
  • psychological division Divides your customers into groups based on personality traits that can influence their shopping habits and decisions.
  • behavioral segmentation It is segmenting your customers into groups based on their online behavior.

Market segmentation

(image source: Oberlo)


You can’t please and benefit everyone, but you can impress and lead the way in a target group of people by optimizing your digital marketing efforts towards your niche.

Give your customers high-quality content for free, monitor customer-driven results so you can make adjustments, use local SEO, understand audience segmentation, research your competitors, appear everywhere, and eventually you will dominate your niche.


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