Estate planning

With comprehensive estate planning, everything is under control


The term “estate planning” conjures up specific ideas about leaving assets to heirs, squabbles over the mother’s jewelry, and long-running disputes with the inheritance court. While all of these things may happen, a good estate plan strives to avoid those outcomes and also works proactively during the life of the scheme to protect the assets. The method of distribution determined by your estate plan is irrelevant if none of your assets are left behind at death.

Comprehensive estate planning aims to plan for assets at death, but more importantly, plan for assets during your lifetime. The word “real estate” simply means everything that you have accumulated, saved and invested. So, “Estate planningIt means having a plan for all of your “things.” A sound plan requires input from specialists across multiple practice areas to ensure that nothing is missed and that there are no unintended consequences that negatively affect you.


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