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As with other businesses, your law firm should use social media to its advantage. Social media is a great tool that you can use as part of your overall digital marketing strategy. If you were to ask your clients how they searched for a lawyer, the search engine or social media would be their primary ways. Learn more about the content you should post on your law firm’s social media accounts in order to attract potential clients.

How social media can help law firms
Just like other businesses, social media can help your law firm in the following ways:

  • Boost your online presence. Your law firm’s social media platforms can help increase your website’s rankings in search engines. You can use keywords that your customers will search for in your social media posts and drive more traffic to your website.
  • Build stronger connections with your customers. Think of your social media platforms as another bridge that leads you to potential customers. You can use your social media posts to build trust with your clients and answer their questions about your practice.
  • Get to know your customers on a deeper level. Social media is a great way to find out what your customers think. Although you can post general information about the law, you can also use your posts to encourage your customers to interact with you.
  • Market your law firm in a cost effective manner. Posting on social media costs nothing if you do it yourself, except for the time.

Concerns with social media
Although there are many benefits that social media can offer your law firm, some lawyers are still concerned about its use. The main reason is the confidential nature of their cases. Lawyers do not want to jeopardize their clients’ cases by sharing information that should not be posted on social media. It is important to always ensure client confidentiality and also make sure that you do not violate any ethical standards of your bar association.

Types of social media posts for law firms
Here are some types of social media posts your law firm can use:

  • Educational posts. Your law firm’s publications can help educate your clients about the legal process.
  • visual content. In addition to educational posts, you can share visuals like infographics or videos for your customers to enjoy. The majority of customers prefer visual content over written content.
  • Links to your website’s blog posts. You can include posts promoting the content on your law firm’s website. This can help bring organic traffic to your website. With these posts, you can include popular hashtags to help expand your reach.
  • Updates with legislation. You can post new updates about laws that your customers may not know about. These posts can explain the updates and how they will affect a new form of legislation going forward.
  • Humor and memes. Another type of visual content that you can post are memes related to the law. Everyone loves to look at memes. It’s a great way to laugh at yourself and connect with your potential customers. Make sure to create your own memes, as you may be violating the intellectual property rights of others if you take their content to put it on your social media.
  • Customer testimonials and previous successful cases. You can also use your social media posts to boost your law firm’s success. You can include testimonials from previous clients. You can also share the results of previous settlements or judgments with your clients. However, it is important not to violate any attorney-client privileges.

Tips for a great social media strategy
Here are some tips that you can use when making your social media posts:

Cater your posts to your clients
Presenting your posts to your clients is a great way to ensure your social media stays professional. Your posts can be about informing your clients about legal information that may help them. If your customers aren’t familiar with the legal process, you can post content that explains the process to them.

Post relevant information
You also want to post information that your customers will find relevant. On your social media platforms, you can post relevant information about your practice areas, recent legislation and how your law firm can assist you. It is important to remember that you are guaranteed to reach a larger audience if you include the right hashtags and keywords.

Follow the social media platform policies
Regardless of your social media platform, each platform has its own set of policies. Ensure that your social media posts do not violate these policies and potentially lead to the termination of your account. Make sure you know the rules of the platform and follow them accordingly.

Next steps for digital marketing
Your social media strategy should include properly posting graphics and branded content and providing potential clients with memorable information to keep your law firm top of mind. Ensure that your law firm’s social media content has a consistent voice that provides value and showcases your authority, experience, and trustworthiness.

Annette Chotey, Esq. He graduated from law school 20 years ago, and is the founder Law Feather, a legal digital marketing agency focused on small and individual law firms. Annette wrote the best-selling book Click Magnet: The Ultimate Digital Marketing Guide for Law Firmsand hosts podcasts Legal Marketing Hall. She is a keynote speaker and speaker on continuing professional education throughout the United States and Canada. Annette used to do stand-up and professional comedy, which isn’t much different from the legal field if we’re all honest. Annette can be found on linkedin or in


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