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SEO content search tips.

As most business owners know, content creation is at the heart of online marketing. Whether you are a small local business or represent a large corporation, you can count on them Search engine optimization services To reach a large audience. However, coming up with engaging SEO-focused content topics is an ongoing challenge – one that requires a systematic approach. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some quick ways to identify content ideas that drive traffic to your website.

4 ways to identify SEO-focused content ideas

Almost every industry has a large number of content topics that will be relevant to the business. The following techniques use real-world data and customer behavior, allowing you to focus on the content that gets results.

1. Look at your Google Search Console data

Google Search Console provides a wealth of information about site performance, traffic, and indexing issues. When it comes to content ideas, the tool indicates the search queries used by real users, as well as the keywords that need work to get to the top of the search results.

In the Performance section, go to Search Results, then Queries. This tab highlights keywords, search volume, current position, and other key metrics. You can then simply use keywords that are relevant to your business goals to form new content.

SEO content research tips.

2. Study Google Analytics

Likewise, Google Analytics makes it easy to find quick content ideas based on valuable data. First, go to the Sharing section and look at Pages and Screens to get an overview of the most popular pages on the site. Next, look at “Landing Pages” to see which pages attract site visitors.

SEO content research tips.

Assuming that these high-traffic pages are related to your business topic, you can then either create new pages under the same category or update those old content pieces with more relevant content. be seen How to improve blog post to rank in search results for ideas.

3. Monitor customer service FAQ

A less common idea for content creation ideas can be found at your customer service help desk. Typically, you will identify FAQs that fit into broad categories of available products or services.

By using these FAQs to create content, you are providing a useful service to customers and also satisfying Google’s need to provide users with useful information.

4. Check Google search results

Google’s “People Also Ask” search engine feature is an underused resource for content ideas. This feature appears on the first page of Google for queries, providing questions relevant to the current search query.

SEO content research tips.

as part of our Local SEO ServicesWe use the People Also Ask feature to discover highly relevant content topics that real users want to know about. In many cases, the current answer is not sufficient, providing an opportunity to deliver greater value to users.

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