Bodycam shows Lindsay Shiver’s mother’s side with the in-laws in custody prior to the murder-for-hire plot


New camera footage appears to show Lindsay Schaeffer’s mother with her in-laws and estranged husband, Robert Schaeffer, in a custody line less than three months before her divorce. He allegedly hired a hitman to kill him.

Lindsay’s mother-in-law, Robin Shafer, called 911 in a panic on April 30, claiming that her soon-to-be-divorced ex-daughter-in-law was harassing her.

“She’s delusional, and we know that,” Robin can be seen in the video telling one of the responding MPs Thomas County Sheriff’s Office. “Her mom, her husband and I all say, ‘You have to go get some help, you have to go get some help. You’re my mind, my mind,’ and she denies it.”

Robin can be seen in the driver’s seat of her white Lexus outside a gas station, while her husband, Allen Shaffer, the former CEO of multi-billion-dollar bakery company Flowers Foods, is in the back seat.

A former Auburn football player was locked up in a nasty custody battle prior to the wife’s alleged murder plot

Robin says Lindsay, 36, threatened her life and has a gun.

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Weeks later, on July 21, Lindsay was arrested in the Bahamas along with her lover Terrence Bethel, 28, and accused killer Faron Newbold Jr., charged with murder. Conspiracy to kill her husband.

The body cam videos spanning 16 minutes – from 12:53 to 1:09 p.m. – were obtained by Fox News Digital via a public records request.

Georgia housewife accused of plotting to kill her husband describes life as ‘hard’: report

Robin says lindsay was in Bahamas over the weekendWhile Robert fathered the boys and accuses her of using drugs.

After a pause in the footage, Robin says to the deputy, “This is her mother, and she wants to talk to you,” as she handed over her phone.

Lindsey’s mother appears to be complaining about a threatening letter she received from her daughter.

Watch Robin Schaeffer, Robert’s mother, tell police Lindsay ‘threatened’ her

After he hung up the phone, he told Robin that this was a civil matter.

“Not only you, but her mother says the same thing,” he adds. “I’m inclined to believe you.”

Ex-Auburn football player helps save wife and her lover accused of plotting to kill him: report

After the deputy told Robin that Lindsay had left, she said she saw her car. “There she is,” Robin exclaimed nervously before realizing she was wrong.

“I’m a nervous wreck,” she adds.

At the same time Robin is talking to one MP, Lindsay quietly gives her side to another MP response officer. She says her husband was supposed to bring the children home from a visit to her mother’s house but he didn’t.

Watch Lindsay Schaeffer talk to the police

He wasn’t answering his phone, and she was worried that he was taking their children to her in-laws without her permission.

The couple in the middle Violent divorceThey lived together in the same 8,000-square-foot mansion, which Lindsay sarcastically describes in the video as a “nice situation.”

Georgia murder-for-hire suspect called 911 on her husband after fight on private plane: Bodycam

Days later, on May 2, Lindsay filed a motion asking the judge to find her husband charged in contempt of court over the incident.

Lindsey says in the filing that Robert took the children out of town for the weekend “and then refused for a time to return them to the marital home until law enforcement Officials got involved.”

She also complained that he prevented her from receiving funds and using her private jet.

Ellen and Robert Schaefer could not immediately be reached for comment, nor were Lindsay and her mother’s divorce attorneys.

Watch the third body cam footage from April 30th

In early April, the perfect 13-year marriage between the 2005 Miss Houston County and the former Auburn football player turned pro catches fire.

Robert filed for divorce on April 5, accusing his wife of having an affair, according to the filing.

Lindsey responded with accusations of “physical and mental abuse”, including domestic violence.

They are both seeking primary custody of their children and sole use of their $2.5 million home.

In body camera footage previously obtained by Fox News Digital, Lindsay Shiver called 911 for Robert at their home on July 16 after he refused to let her board their private jet to meet her beau at Bahamas.

On the same day she allegedly wrote “Kill Him” ​​in a file Whatsapp message to Newbold.

After finding the incriminating letters, police arrested Lindsey and her alleged accomplices in the Bahamas, where the Shavers family owned a vacation home.

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It was the trio who denied any wrongdoing issued on bonds. They must wear GPS ankle monitors and remain in the Caribbean nation awaiting trial.

Fox News’ Emily Robertson contributed to this report.

Original article source: Bodycam shows Lindsay Shiver’s mother’s side with the in-laws in custody prior to the murder-for-hire plot


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