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Local Blitz, a digital marketing agency with offices in San Diego, California, and Indianapolis, Indiana, focuses on ensuring results and transparency when providing search engine optimization (SEO) services. They understand that some clients have had unpleasant experiences with other agencies. Thus, they always focus on responsible return on investment (ROI) and transparency. They believe that in addition to their focus on results, it is this focus on transparency that has enabled them to build Indianapolis SEO company This is what sets other SEO agencies apart.

“So what’s the solution to getting results as an SEO company?” says Nick Bennett, co-founder of Local Blitz? Although there’s a lot more to it than that, we’ve built operations as an SEO agency that surrounds the idea of ​​transparency. And it allows our clients to fully define their return on investment through SEO.The truth is SEO is a moving target and what works today may not work tomorrow.Some basic concepts still apply but things are always evolving.This is exactly why we are An SEO company, we understand that every client’s needs are different.With that in mind, we focus on putting together customized SEO solutions that prioritize long-term results for our loyal clients.

the same way that it is San Diego SEO Experts As the professionals do, the SEO process that they provide in Indianapolis goes through a number of phases, namely: discovery phase, strategy/communication phase, implementation phase, project launch phase, and reporting and review phase.

In the discovery phase, they start by ensuring that they have identified key performance indicators (KPIs) for each specific customer. For most clients, attracting leads is the key to determining whether or not an SEO campaign is successful. Other customers may be more interested in online sales or website traffic where they sell advertising space. Whatever the client’s needs, Local Blitz will ensure that high level KPIs are identified during the discovery phase.

In the strategy/communication phase, they will focus on explaining the basics of the strategy to be used to the client. This will involve different types of deliverables and each customer will be unique in how much involvement they want in the process they want to have. What is important is that the customer understands what will be done every step of the way.

The next step is the implementation phase where the Local Blitz team begins working on all of the client action elements that they have previously communicated with. The initiation phase of a project is when they make sure the client understands exactly what to expect during implementation and what they will be informed about.

In the reporting and review phase, Local Blitz will provide the client with monthly KPI reports to show if gains have been made. The customer will also be allowed to understand if there are any potential opportunities. Since SEO is a moving target, Local Blitz will regularly research the most advanced methods to achieve the results a client desires.

Started in 2009, Local Blitz is a digital marketing agency of a group of SEO professionals committed to staying well informed on the latest SEO developments. They always strive to provide the best value to customers by developing digital sales funnels for them, whether they are small or medium-sized businesses. They offer their SEO services to companies that do not have the ability to create their own digital marketing services but know the importance of SEO. Local Blitz has garnered very positive customer reviews in a wide range of fields, including automotive, e-commerce, real estate, and so on.

Those looking for an Indianapolis SEO company can visit Local Blitz’s website or contact them by phone or email. It is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Those who want to stay up to date on the latest developments in Local Blitz can visit their media room at


For more information about Local Blitz, contact the company here:

local raid
Nick Bennett
(317) 672-1156
815 E, 63rd Pl Suite 201, Indianapolis, IN 46220

CONTACT: Nick Bennett


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