Naples family law attorney Russell Knight releases an insightful article about changing a child’s name in Florida


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Posted August 29, 2023

Naples family law attorney Russell Knight releases an insightful article about changing a child’s name in Florida

Naples family law attorney Russell Knight (https://divorceattorneynaplesfl.com/how-do-i-legally-change-a-childs-name-in-naples-florida/), of the Russell Knight Law Firm, recently published an in-depth article titled “How Do I Legally Change a Child’s Name in Naples, Florida?”. The article provides valuable information for parents and guardians dealing with the complexities of child name change processes in Florida.

In the first few paragraphs of the article, Naples family law attorney Russell Knight explains the importance of birth certificates in Florida. He points out that, unlike many states where a birth certificate is largely a formality, the information on a birth certificate in Florida carries significant legal weight. For example, a person listed as the father on a birth certificate may automatically be considered the legal father—although this can be overturned by a court order.

In the case of a child’s name, the person entering the name on the birth certificate essentially decides the child’s name. And the family law lawyer in Naples adds: “If the parents are not married, the mother has the right to name the child by the first and last name.”

Family law attorney Russell Knight also delves into the intricacies of Florida laws. He explains that in the event of a dispute between married parents over a child’s name, the child’s last name will be a hyphenated version of each name chosen by each, arranged in alphabetical order. However, for single fathers, the naming rights largely rest with the mother.

The article also discusses the circumstances under which a father can request a change of a child’s name. According to Russell Knight, “A father cannot even ask for a child’s name to be different until he has established paternity with the court. Once the father has established paternity, the father can then petition the court to change the child’s last name to the father’s last name.” He also shares thoughts on the considerations the court makes in deciding these matters, including the best interests of the child and cultural traditions.

However, Knight warns against trying to change a child’s name during divorce proceedings out of spite. Citing case law, Airsman vs. Airsman, to highlight that courts will always deny such requests.

The article provides the various ways parents can change their child’s name in accordance with Chapter 86 of the Florida Statutes. It also explains the circumstances in which these provisions cannot be applied.

As Knight’s article highlights, the legal process of changing a child’s name in Florida can be complex and delicate. Thus, it is essential that parents and guardians are aware of their rights, responsibilities and the best course of action for their unique situations.

This article is an invaluable resource for those who need guidance in understanding the laws and procedures regarding baby name changes in Florida. For more information and legal assistance, consider contacting a family law attorney in Naples, Florida.

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