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When Should You Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer If You Have an Accident?


Katherine Shearer, partner and personal injury attorney in Guelph, says a lawyer will protect your rights, reduce your stress levels, and get you fairer compensation.

Katherine Shearer, Partner, Personal Injury Attorney Lake Mackenzie Attorneys in Guelph “A lot of times the injured person will have a mild traumatic brain injury or post-concussion syndrome, in addition to other physical injuries,” he says. “It won’t happen until a few weeks or months later, when they’re not progressing or recovering the way they expected them to even consider hiring a lawyer.” He specializes in personal injuries.

How can a personal injury attorney help?

Especially if it involves a car accident, there is a lot of interaction between the different pieces of legislation. There are a lot of moving parts. “It’s not something you can handle on your own,” says Katherine Shearer. There could be errors in applications or insurance papers leading to arbitrary refusals.

For a claim to be successful, deadlines must be met. Deadlines depend on the type of injury claim being filed. There will be a lot of forms and paperwork to complete. In these first two weeks, the affected person may not feel their best. “Having a lawyer allows you to focus on the treatment and recovery you need while having peace of mind knowing that the claim is being processed too,” says Shearer.

Depending on the type of claim, there may be different restriction or notice periods, some of which are up to 10 days from the date of the accident.

At first, you may receive calls from several insurance adjusters. “Part of the lawyer’s job is to make sure the forms are filled out correctly and the appropriate level of benefits is determined,” says Shearer. “Having a personal injury lawyer on the spot allows the injured person to focus on their recovery and helps reduce some of the stress involved because the process can be stressful.” Extremely.

Shearer points out that “it is easy for the insurance company to reject claims when the correct evidence is not in front of them, or when a lawsuit has not been filed, or there is no one to defend the injured person.” “A lawyer also helps level the playing field because the insurance company has a lot of power and is also the one who determines whether you qualify for compensation or benefits,” Shearer adds.

The lawyer reduces the delay

A personal injury attorney can reduce case delays and increase your chances of getting better and fairer compensation. All too often, claimants who are not represented by an attorney get underpaid.

People would call Katherine Shearer to admit they were in an awkward position and ask her to review the insurance company’s settlement offer to determine if it was fair. “I look back over a year in a file and see things that were missed or done incorrectly,” Shearer says. “Often I see an imperfect course of treatment and insurance offers that are less than what the sufferer deserves.”

If you don’t miss any statute of limitations, you can correct course, but it’s easier and faster for everyone if the attorney handles the file from the start. “A lawyer knows what needs to be proven,” Shearer says. It is easy for us to gather the evidence required to help prove a claim. It also makes your case stronger and moves it faster.

You have nothing to lose

Many times individuals think that a lawyer is too expensive or that they can handle it on their own, without realizing that it is easy for them to access a personal injury lawyer.

Almost every personal injury attorney will offer you a free consultation, and if they don’t, consult another. There are no legal fees unless you win. Unless you get compensation for your injuries, the lawyer won’t get paid for their time. There’s no downside to calling a lawyer because in most cases it won’t cost you anything upfront.

One of the best ways to find a personal injury attorney is to ask an attorney you’ve already worked with, such as a probate and estate attorney, family law, or estate attorney, to refer you. The attorney you work with usually knows one or more reputable casualty attorneys.

If you have been injured in an accident and would like to learn more about your rights and options, Katherine Shearer would be happy to talk to you about your next steps.

The initial consultation is free of charge. Connect with Katherine Shearer on (email protected) Or call (226) 203-1243.


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