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Venture capitalists’ confidence in Silicon Valley jumps higher in the second quarter of 2023, according to a quarterly University of San Francisco research study


“AI innovation is a major technology shift that benefits most of the Silicon Valley ecosystem,” he said. John Malloy From BlueRun Ventures in its Q2 report.

in addition to, Jeb Miller Icon Ventures stated, “The rapid adoption of AI is accelerating roadmaps and providing significant opportunities for startups across the SaaS vertical and digital health and security landscape.”

Some respondents to the second quarter survey of venture capital firms expressed concerns about regional policy issues affecting the business environment, as well as the livability of parts of the region. In addition to, Tim Draper Draper Associates suggested that “the US government has over-regulated, and that puts a dark cloud over the entire world of innovation. People are afraid to try things until they get permission.”

Dr. Canis concluded the report by noting that “the historical advantage and entrenched entrepreneurial ecosystem in Silicon Valley must be strong enough to withstand the hurdles of current policy as it has faced other challenges in the past.”

Survey and research report for the second quarter 2023 marks The 78th consecutive quarterly report since the first quarter of 2004, providing unique quantitative and qualitative data and analysis on the confidence Silicon Valley venture capitalists have in the future’s high-growth entrepreneurial environment. Mark Canisprofessor of entrepreneurship and innovation at the University of South Florida College of Management, authors the quarterly research study.

Those interested in viewing the full Q2 2023 report should get in touch Kelly Samson In the San Francisco University in (email protected).

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