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Union Law Firm advertises representation of injury and accident victims in Beverly Hills


Union Law Firm announces legal representation on an emergency basis for injury and accident victims in Beverly Hills to seek compensation.

Beverly Hills, Calif. — (Newsfile Corp. – August 11, 2023) — The move comes as Etehad Law Firm looks to provide injured parties in and around Beverly Hills with personal injury law guidance in line with the latest regulatory developments. The firm is headed by Attorney Simon Etihad, a personal injury attorney who has been practicing in California for more than 25 years.

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Union Law Firm advertises representation of injury and accident victims in Beverly Hills

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Union Attorneys’ legal services are now offered to assist with a range of injury cases, which include car or vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, slips and falls, and more. The Company aims to recover compensatory amounts that reflect the damage suffered and the losses incurred.

Simon Etihad said, “Our mission at Etihad Law Firm is to provide exceptional legal representation and support to accident and injury victims in Beverly Hills and Hollywood.” “We firmly believe that every customer deserves justice and fair compensation for their losses, and we are committed to fighting tirelessly on their behalf.”

Confederation law refers to serious injuries that can occur as a result of motor vehicle accidents, in particular, which range from head trauma to spinal damage. She explained that such consequences can make victims face ongoing costs due to immediate medical treatment and surgeries, as well as physical rehabilitation or treatment.

According to the company, potential losses after accidents may also extend to lost business income, as the injured parties are unable to work in the future. For this reason, Union law takes into account the full impact of accidents on the lives of victims and their families when making claims.

Your service covers every stage of the injury claim process. As indicated by Union Law, this may include settlement negotiations with insurance companies, preparation of lawsuits against liable parties, and courtroom representation.

Union Law Firm is also able to assist victims who need immediate replacement of damaged vehicles, either by facilitating car repairs or assisting with rental operations.

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The updated Union Law Services follows a contingency-based model, with legal fees paid after settlements have been agreed or awarded in court.

Interested parties in Beverly Hills and Hollywood can find additional details about Union Law Firm and its legal services on the website.

contact information:
Name: Simon Etihad
Phone: 310-550-1220
Organization: Law Union
Address: 150 South Rodeo Drive Suite 350, Beverly Hills, California 90212, United States

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