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The growing trend of personal injury impacts on small businesses


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The personal injury industry is Worth approximately $53.1 billion As of 2022. The majority of these claims are motor vehicle accident or medical malpractice claims.

With over 64,000 personal injury law firms in the United States, it is a growing reality that small business owners will face claims against themselves or their insurance company over the years.

Although an auto accident claim may not be directly relevant to all small business owners, there are other types of personal injury claims. More relevant claims are likely to involve product liability or a workplace accident lawsuit.

For small businesses to grow, companies must integrate more services and bring their expertise to more people. But as business owners increase their reach, many will eventually be faced with a situation involving a Personal injury claim.

Personal injury claims are among the most common types of lawsuits filed. For example, in 2020, personal injury/product liability 97% increase during the previous year.

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Suppose someone is injured while on your property or by one of your products; You or your insurance provider may be in a position to be held liable for the injury. But how could this have been avoided in the first place? Various factors play into determining the error.

accidents The unexpected happens all the time. However, it is crucial that you think as critically as possible and prepare yourself and your employees for the possibility of this situation occurring. Savvy small business owners will know to not only prepare for this eventuality, but assume that it will eventually happen.

Protect your team with adequate insurance coverage

At a minimum, small business owners are advised to carry it Commercial general liability insurance. This will help support your staff in the event of an injury to your property. This goes along with creating a safe work environment, which is also very important. Keep floors clean, hallways clear, and doors clearly marked. If you work with specialized equipment, make sure all employees are trained and certified to use said equipment.

Stay up to date with the law and keep a cutting-edge record

Rules governing local small businesses include employment, environment and Product liability laws. Knowing the latest changes and amendments to these laws and related laws is essential, as they will impact your business operations. It is recommended to maintain digital and printed records of all rules for easy access and reference. Document everything if something happens on your property resulting in an accident, injury, or complaint. If you are sued or face a legal challenge, showing all your steps with written documentation can be very helpful.

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Maintain a written customer service policy and be responsive to customer complaints

To reduce confusion and help your employees interact with customers, display your information Customer service policy For any sponsors visiting your organization or office. This policy must include clear guidelines for emergency situations involving an injured guest or employee. If anyone in your building is injured, seek medical help immediately. Taking any injuries seriously in this situation is crucial.

It may not be easy, but keep a positive outlook

It is understandable to feel nervous when faced with injuries and a potential personal injury lawsuit against you or against you Insurance policy. You should consult experienced legal counsel in these scenarios. Many personal injury attorneys also often provide defense litigation services. Speaking with a legal expert who knows both sides of the personal injury coin can go a long way in helping put you at ease in stressful situations.

Small business owners They are expected to maintain the integrity of their products and property. This was what is commonly referred to as a duty of care. Many personal injury claims will revolve around the legal allegation that this duty has been breached.

Duty of care It is usually defined as a basic requirement that a person be alert, exercise caution, and be aware while in public. The small business owner and sponsor/employee are expected to follow suit. A personal injury case is possible if it is found that a party has acted in Straightforward fashion.

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Defending yourself and your business from a charge of negligence will be crucial to the validity of the case. This is why thinking ahead is crucial to running a successful business. Additionally, speaking to trusted legal counsel about potential issues that may arise in connection with your business will help minimize risks and protect all parties.


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