Tatiana Remley is accused of plotting to kill Mark Remley


Tatiana Remley (Photo via Facebook)

A woman known for her husband’s involvement in a failed multimillion-dollar horse show venture in California more than a decade ago is now accused of offering her friend millions of dollars to kill her estranged husband.

According to the criminal complaint Obtained by Law&Crime, 42-year-old Tatiana Natasha Remley between 1 July and 2 August – months after she and her husband separated – “unlawfully solicited another person to commit and join in the murder of a human being”. Mark Rimley.

Prosecutors at the San Diego District Attorney’s Office also alleged that on July 2, Tatiana Remley committed two separate incidents. Firearms crimes: having a gun hidden in her car even though she “is not listed with the Department of Justice (…) as the registered owner of that specific firearm”; Carrying a loaded handgun “on his person and in a vehicle while in a public place and on a public street in an incorporated city” while, again, not being the registered owner of the weapon.

Coast News reported Mark Remley told the publication that Tatiana Remley was arrested one month after it became known that she had offered a mutual friend $2 million to kill him.

According to the report, it was that mutual friend who told Mark Remley, and the authorities carried out a sting operation in August, which ended with the arrest of Tatiana Remley at the Starbucks coffee shop in Solana Beach. Mark Remley also alleged that Tatiana Remley burned down his house days after she offered their mutual friend millions to make it big.

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The warning signs about marriage have been around since 2012, when a “human horse acrobatics show” at Del Mar’s fairgrounds known as Valetar suddenly closed shop. Infuriate the artists hardened Just before Thanksgiving.

The San Diego Union-Tribune story From that time quoting the former director of Valitar. He said the production of The Horse Show faltered from the start due to the breakdown of the Remleys’ marriage.

“I told[Mark]‘I don’t care about your personal life, I just don’t want it to affect the show,’” Eric Martonovich reportedly said of the then-threatened but undone divorce proceedings.

Coast News’ extensive reporting on the couple’s “checkered history” shows that the Remleys not only had a strained 12-year marriage, which included numerous divorces and reconciliations, but also continued a stressful lifestyle, with numerous homes, cars and possessions. valuables.

The report said Tatiana Remley filed for divorce again in July after separating from Mark Remley in May, and made allegations of verbal, physical and even sexual abuse – all of which Mark Remley denied and called the allegations made up. Among the details reported about the divorce requests was the allegation that Tatiana Remley was “suffering from severe financial stress”, as she had “no income” and was “unable to maintain her realistic monthly expenses of only $12,000, much less”. (of) what she was spending.” He’s used to $50,000.

The suspect, who goes by the name Mark Rimley and a heart tattooed her lower abdomenAnd he smiled at the camera while riding a horse next to him in happier times, according to a photo on Facebook.

Mark Remley and Tatiana Remley together on Facebook.

But Tatiana Remley’s Facebook page now lists her as “single” and a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, which is several hours away from the Rancho Reposo, California, residence in the Del Mar area where she and her estranged husband used to live together. The Facebook profile also includes several photos of a boy and girl who appear to be the suspect’s children.


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