“Literally for no reason”: The lawyer postpones the divorce case for years and receives a dose of karma


Considering the cost of consulting lawyers, you might think they would have your best interests in mind. Although there are plenty of professionals out there who will move mountains for their clients, other attorneys take their promises seriously. Some, for example, let their greed get the better of them.

Redditor u/mandolin2712 narrated the surrounding drama her divorce years ago. She told the online group r/MaliciousCompliance how rude and unprofessional her ex-husband’s divorce lawyer was. Eventually, the author could no longer take it and had to teach her a lesson in literature. You’ll find the full story, as well as reactions from many netizens and actual lawyers, as you scroll down.

Bored panda I reached out to the author of the viral post, a Reddit user u/mandolin 2712, who was kind enough to share her thoughts on what happened, bad lawyers in general, and whether an amicable divorce is even possible. You’ll find our full interview with her below.

One sign of a bad attorney is that he will try to delay the case so he can pay you a larger bill

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A woman shared how she decided to get back at a divorce lawyer who treated her incredibly rudely

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The lawyer made each task take many times longer than it should have

We were curious as to what the author had in mind when his former divorce attorney began to be very rude to them.

“I’m honestly sick of this lawyer. I’ve been preparing for a divorce for a very long time and they were making it impossible to do,” redditor u/mandolin2712 revealed to Bored Panda.

“They made each task take 5 times longer than it should have, and even when we told her exactly what agreements we had already made, she got the papers wrong and had to redo it several times,” she said.

“I think she didn’t like me because I didn’t have a lawyer to negotiate with, so there was no real reason for all this, and I knew it and she knew it. And I called her regularly. And I didn’t have to maintain the professional relationship a lawyer should have with her.” .

The author of the post shared what, in her opinion, are some of the biggest red flags when it comes to divorce lawyers. “The big red flag for this particular attorney was that she wouldn’t listen. For things like parenting plans, we had already set specific days and times between us.

We didn’t need the court to do that. We gave her that to put her in the divorce agreement, but she went on to set state standards instead and made my ex-husband pay for more billable hours each time. When I tried to tell him that was what she was doing, she wouldn’t. believe me.”

Good communication is an invaluable attribute for a lawyer

From the way the author of the post phrased it all, it seems pretty clear that the divorce attorney was avoiding finalizing the divorce for the sake of money. She continued the divorce case, and did extra work in order to get more money.

Although it wasn’t u/mandolin2712 who had to pay her, the whole situation still drained her time and energy. It’s safe to say that this particular attorney is a great example of what you should avoid doing. Otherwise, your clients may turn against you, adding even more tedious work to your schedule with some thoughtful shuffling of the hundreds of pages of documents you requested.

Or as one Reddit user, who is an actual lawyer, put it: “Lawyers have an obligation to provide due diligence, but we also have an obligation to act quickly and economically. I know too many lawyers who do extra work so they can charge higher fees.

Ideally, you want a representative who has your best interests at heart

“Legal Reader” indicates. Not all divorce lawyers are created equal. Ideally, you want a professional who actively listens to you. They will do their best to get to the bottom of your issues and understand exactly where you stand.

The best lawyers will translate all the legal and complex processes into easy-to-understand language so that you know what’s going on too. Good lawyers will, at their core, be ethical and communicative people. The more transparent and honest they are with you, the more you will trust them. It’s a comforting feeling, knowing that someone truly supports you and cares about more than just money.

You should avoid legal representatives who overpromise and are not transparent about their fees

Divorce attorneys you may want to avoid will be unresponsive, lack punctuality, and will be difficult to contact. They will communicate poorly (if at all) and you will be begging them for status updates that may not even come.

Another bright red flag for lawyers is dealing with someone who is not transparent about their fees. As the Doyle Law Group notes.“Unethical divorce attorneys often rely on increasing their hours, double billing, or failing to provide an itemized bill in order to extract more money from their clients.”

Bad lawyers will overpromise, underdeliver, and then you’ll be left paying surprise bills.

On a more personal level, you want to have an actor who makes you feel calm, rather than anxious. If you’re constantly feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, it may be best to look for alternatives. There are plenty of great lawyers out there, after all, who can help you Divorce amicably.

The author shared some additional information in the comments on her post

The Internet had mixed reactions to the story. Here’s what some people said

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