Kelly Clarkson slams ex-father Brandon Blackstock’s divorce settlement in a scathing show in Las Vegas


Since her turbulent divorce from Brandon Blackstock, Kelly Clarkson He did not hold back from addressing both the good and especially the bad regarding their marriage and separation.

After dropping her chemistry divorce album.. It brings the same ferocity to the interpretation of the songs live in the new Las Vegas her residency, which is her first ever after her previous residency was canceled due to the pandemic.

Even with a brand new album of original songs to perform, the superstar has also become known for her latest hits and hits – and the lyrical change she made to them – She came with a scathing message to her ex-lover.

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Kelly was singing a cover of the Gayle The TikTok viral song “abcdefu,” but when it came time for the chorus, she tailored it—some would say made it even more incendiary—to her own attitude.

She sang: “Read (expletive) you and your father, and the fact that you got half, and my broken heart, turn that (expletive) into art. (expletive) you, and your view of the valley you bought too, all but your father you dogs, you can all (expletive) obscene) out.”

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The original lyrics to the song’s chorus usually say: “(expletive) you and your mother and your sister and your job. And your broken car and that (expletive) you call art. (expletive) you and your friends that I’ll never see again.” Everyone but your dog, you can all (expletive) go away.”

This isn’t the first time Kelly has dealt a serious blow to Brandon by signing her own version of the song – She sang it on The Kelly Clarkson Show in March — but her fans still admired and loved her twice over.

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“I thought I couldn’t love her any more,” one fan wrote on social media, while others added: “Wow, go queen!!! This is the least he deserves,” and “Speak your truth!” And also: “This is my American Idol!!!”

Kelly and Brandon got married in 2013

Although the lyrical changes are brief, Kelly has addressed some of the most controversial aspects of her divorcewhich was completed in 2022 after being first introduced in 2020.

She first beat her ex-husband’s father, Narville Blackstock, a television producer who was previously married to Reba McIntyre. Just like Kelly and Brandon’s divorce, theirs was similarly acrimonious and costly, Narville reportedly absconded with half of Reba’s fortune, which is $47.5 million.

Reba and Narville were married from 1989 until 2015

Another point Kelly appears to have addressed is the legal dispute over her ranch in Montana. which he alone owns. Their argument over ownership began when Brandon revealed his desire to leave the entertainment industry and become a full-time farmer. When his ex-wife announced that she was planning to sell the farm, And the father of four children fought against her, insisting that he needed the sprawling property for his ranching business.

Reba and Kelly have remained close since their divorce from the Blackstock Men

In August of 2021, The judge ruled that if he plans to work in the property and make a profit from itHe will be responsible for its maintenance costs, which are about $81,000 per month. Brandon then moved out in June of 2022, but will still receive further payments from Kelly through 2024.

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Kelly has two children with Brandon

She still has to pay $115,000 per month in spousal support until January 2024Plus, Brandon also receives $45,601 a month in child support, even though Kelly has primary custody of their two children and only has one weekend a month to spend with them.

She also calls out Kelly for relying on her finances in her song “Red Flag Collector”, where she sings: “Sure, you can have towels. You can take my money. Drag my name all over town. I don’t mind, I changed it anyway”, and “As you turn your mouth, puff your chest. Play a Wild West cowboy. I don’t mind, you know best. Keep riding until you can’t tell us.”


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