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Ozempic, Wegovy, and other branded versions of a class of weight-loss drugs that contain Semiglutide (a drug formerly used to treat diabetes) are all over the news. So much so that the “Azimbian face” – the name given to the telltale signs of using these drugs for rapid weight loss – has become rampant, and many refer to these drugs as bariatric surgery, without surgery. For some, behind the new-found skinny appearance of someone who has experienced rapid and significant weight loss lies the marital stress that follows.

Many studies have been done on the effect of rapid and/or significant weight loss on marriage. A 2013 study from North Carolina State University found that when one partner loses weight, the marriage is stressed. The study found that losing weight in a spouse can make the spouse jealous and make them insecure about the marriage. They also found that when a couple’s weight loss goals don’t align, the dieting partner becomes frustrated in the marriage.

According to Bariatric TV, 80 to 85 percent of patients who were obese before or at the time of their marriage will divorce within two years after weight-loss surgery. Similar research has been found by the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Florida. Some sources go so far as to describe a divorce related to weight loss surgery as a “bariatric divorce”. “The complex role that overall health plays in a physical marital relationship is highlighted when one spouse’s body undergoes such a drastic change. With such high self-esteem, it can often feel like a fresh start for that spouse, while the spouse Those who fail to do so can often feel left behind by the person receiving the surgery. These two extremes of emotion can cause a rift that ends the marriage. While the marriage may end or head into rough waters, it is important to remember that change was To improve the health of that spouse, the positive health benefits should not be overlooked or oversimplified.”

Married adults who undergo bariatric surgery are more than twice as likely to divorce, according to a new analysis by epidemiologists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health. The study, published in the Walters Kluwer Journal of Open Surgery, is the first to examine divorce among American adults who have undergone bariatric surgery, giving patients and doctors concrete data on changes in romantic relationships after surgery.

For couples seeking to protect their marriage after losing weight, therapy provides an outlet to guide relationships and address stress in the marriage. The need for support is crucial during a period of great change for both spouses.

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