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I spotted John Mueller of Google laughing at a LinkedIn post asking SEOs to slow down webpage load time so people spend more time on your page. The advice says that Google uses the time you spend on a website as a ranking factor, which Google has denied countless times, and says that to improve the time you spend on a website, you should slow down your site.

This post was a joke – I didn’t get the jokeIt turns out he was posting it as a joke, but honestly, not everyone took it that way. He posts a lot of SEO memes and this was one of them.

SEO Advice posted on linkedin It reads, “If your website loads too quickly… consider slowing it down. Why? Users will have to wait longer for your pages to load… Time on Website (ToW) is a ranking factor for Google.” The longer users stay on your website, the higher your ranking will be.

I spotted it here:

Now, I initially thought the LinkedIn post was a joke but then I got sucked into the actual post linkedin And I read many of the comments and felt very sad when I saw what was going on there. But maybe it was a joke?

Google has said this countless times Time on page is not a ranking factor. Google has said for years and years that they don’t use it behavioral factors For rating, outside of any of the page experience system metrics. These have been pretty consistent messaging from Google for more than a decade, and until recently 2021, 2020 but 2017, 2018, 2019 And 2020. Google said that bounce rates are Signals are not goodIn 2008, Google said it was a noisy signal He also said in 2008 No click data is used for ratings. This is the myth Google said but then you have people at Google mis-talking Which causes more confusion.

Google said for years that Page speed is the ranking factorMost newly with Basic biometrics for the web.

So SEO is telling other SEOs to slow down the page to increase time on page, which Google says is not a ranking factor when we know that Google said page speed is a sure ranking signal.

This is it Not the first time Search Engine Optimization (SEO) use a strategy to hurt their website visitors to try to improve rankings.

Be careful with the advice you read online.

Forum discussion in Twitter.

Update: This was a joke, as I noted above, that I and many others fell in love with…


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