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Divorce trends have changed over time, with fewer people dissolving their unions.

The divorce rate has decreased from 4.0 to 2.5 since 2000

The rate of marriage and divorce has decreased over time.

In 2000, a total of 944,000 divorces and annulments occurred. The crude divorce rate was 4.00 per capita during that year. By 2021, the rate had dropped to 2.5 per 1,000 inhabitants, with only 689,308 people getting divorced that year.

The marriage rate has also decreased, from 8.2 per population in 2000 to 6.00 per population in 2021.(1)

Third marriage has the highest divorce rate – 73%

Many people think that half of all marriages end in divorce, but as mentioned above, this only applies to the first marriage. Those who marry multiple times face a much higher divorce rate. In fact, 67% of second marriages end, and 73% of third marriages are dissolved.(2)

40% of new marriages involve a partner who remarries

The majority of marriages (60%) are first marriages for both partners. But up to 20% of marriages involve one person who has previously been married, while another 20% are repeat marriages for both parties.(5)

Only 6% of divorced people marry each other again

Divorce is the final legal end to marriage, but divorce statistics show that couples sometimes wish to remarry each other after their union has been formally dissolved.

In fact, 6% of divorced people remarry. When this happens, the odds of future success are high. Approximately 72% of reunited couples remain married after reunification.(7)

Divorced women are more likely to die early than married ones

Divorce can have both sudden and long-lasting consequences. One of these consequences is an increased risk of premature death. Unfortunately, the death rate is 1,363 per 100,000 for the divorced, compared to 779 per 100,000 for the married.

Divorced men bear the brunt of this increased risk, with mortality rates of 1,772 per 100,000 compared to divorced women with mortality rates of 1,095 per 100,000.(8)

The majority of divorced women own their home

Decisions about the family home are some of the most contentious when a marriage ends and an estate settlement is decided. This is a common problem to be resolved, as 53.4% ​​of divorced people in 2022 own their own home. Only 46.6% were renters.(9)

Couples who live together before marriage are more likely to get divorced

Living together before marriage is one of the indicators of a possible divorce. A total of 57% of couples who did not cohabit before marriage had lasted 20 years or more, compared to just 46% of those who did not cohabit before they got married.(10)

There are several factors that could explain this, including the fact that couples with stronger religious beliefs may be less likely to live together before marriage and less likely to divorce.

Having divorced friends increases the risk of divorce

Marital stability within the couple’s social network also plays a role in sustaining their union. Couples with divorced friends have a 75% increased risk of ending their marriage. Even couples with two degrees of separation from divorce still had a 33% higher risk.(11)

Because of this association, some sociologists believe that divorce is a social infection.


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